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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Decenturion offers alternative career opportunity.

I have been talking a lot of the opportunity offered by Decenturion to monetise writing expertise. In itself, Decenturion is the first borderless state or nation or country, with its own government. What a life changing innovation. Anyone around the world can become a citizen. This write up is not about what Decenturion is. It is about how writers can monetise their talents. Decenturion wants almost all people of the world to know about its existence. Thus it is paying writers to post articles and videos in social media, blogs and websites. The opportunity is there for any serious-minded writers. It is a great starting point for budding writers who have failed to break it big into the writing business before since they get training in translation, proofreading and article writing, social media marketing and many more The main aspects required to be successful include, access to the internet, a computer and social network presence. Article writing and video making skills offer serious advantages. People write in their local languages.

There has been a rise in unemployment, which resulted from automation and other technologies. The solution to the problem of technological unemployment lies in internet-based employment. We have countries that have harnessed this as a solution and they are doing very well. Countries like Pakistan, India, United States of America, Kenya and Nigeria. They have set the pace and they have already taken the greater chunk of the cake.

Some people have made it big at Decenturion, racking in more than $1000 per month. This is an ordinary type of work. If you devote to work for 8 hours a day, you will earn enough for survival.

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