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Monday, May 24, 2021

UniFarm’s high yielding Farming pools (Cohorts)

This article gives greater details to people who are new to UniFarm. UniFarm is a decentralized platform where people can invest in cryptocurrencies to earn high rewards.

This is by far one of the most innovative investment platform at the moment. This because when you invest in one cryptocurrency, your 250% APY comes in the form of 5 tokens or coins.

In other words, each investment pool, called a Cohort has 5 cryptocurrencies. So, if you want to invest, you buy one of the 5 coins and stake it on the UniFarm platform.


For example Cohort 9 has the following coins: BonFi, Raze Network, Netvrk, OpenDeFi and UniFarm


Your return comes in 5 coins. The type of coins and tokens you earn depends on the Cohort you invest in.

Their motto sums the point. It says: “One Farm to Rule Them All”

Here are the reason why UniFarm remains one of the most decentralized platform, running various decentralized farming pools:

You earn high returns, up to 250% APY,

You can stake one or all tokens in the pool, and earn 5 in return. UniFarm says: “Stake one, farm many.”

No locking in of tokens. You remain in control of your cryptocurrencies. You can unstake them at any time.

Your token stays with you. They remain in your wallet, yet you earn the rewards.



UniFarm has many platforms where you get all the details.

Visit any of these:


Telegram chatroom:

Telegram Public Channel:





Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Invest in Elven Coin ($) - Investment opportunity (2021)

 Many people have several questions about Elven coin which include:

What is the Elven Coin?

How to buy Elven Coin?

How do I invest in Elven coin?

What is the link between Elven and Levelnaut business?

Who is the owner of Levelnaut?

How do I earn Elven coins?

Does Elven coin has an ambassador program?

What career opportunities are in Levelnaut or Elven economy?

Our portfolio

Levelnaut has its coin, Elven Coin, built on Tron Blockchain

Listing: Currently Elven Coin is on

The elven coin supports the following products:

Elvenland – This is our advertising platform (

Levelnaut main platform: sells ebooks on investments

Social media platform ( This is our social media platform

Coin platform: our coin platform is

Investment opportunities

Anyone can invest in liquidity provision on

Pair: The investment pair is Elven/TRX

Benefit: You will get TRX share from all the transactions in pair ELVEN/TRX


Read more:

How to earn Elven Coins

There are several ways to earn Elven Coin

•             Ambassador: Become an ambassador, earning from community participation

•             Creating and maintaining groups at Elven Coin

•             Managing your local community

Social media platforms elvencoin

Ambassador program

There is an ambassador program for Elven coin.

To join the ambassador program, click:

Career opportunities

Interested in careers at Levelnaut and the Elven coin economy, read this article:

Get more information here: quality-produ-xxwklyd

Levelnaut's CEO's Focus on Elven Coin- (Built on TRON) (TRC20)

 On 4 May 2021, I had the chance to chat with the Levelnaut’s CEO and Founder, Boris Siomin. I wanted to find exactly what lies in his mind about the future of Elven coin. Read on to find his thoughts. However, let me give a background of Elven Coin.

What is Elven Coin?

Elven Coin is a token built on the TRON blockchain, whose utility is to power the Levelnaut economy, which has several existing projects.


Maximum supply: 300 million

Listing: Currently listed at, paired with TRX.

Purpose: Elven coin is meant for gamification and designing.


What is Levelnaut?

Levelnaut is an educational platform whose main motive is to spread knowledge about worthwhile investments. The aim is to prevent people from being scammed and lose their valuable income.


Boris’ Vision

Let me get back to this question. What is his focus as of now? He said: “My current focus is to develop solid products which back our Elven Coin. We shall not rely on the hype which other crypto organizations go for.

We have to build on our current achievements and move ahead.”

He continued: “We are not worried about the sentiments of some people, who want to join a project that goes to the moon on the first day, only to tumble down the next day.”

As you note his focus is to create value for the Elven token, rather than to use influencers, where the token does not add value to the crypto economy. Definitely, he is a man who does not believe in short term gains, but long term performance of the token and the Levelnaut economy.”

And only firm believers in his vision will benefit the most, since the value of this coin is guaranteed.

Potential investors

Potential investors are those who believe in the vision of Levelnaut. The greatest opportunity relating to the coin is currently liquidity provision.

 Why investing in Elven Coin?

Analysts believe that the Elven Coin will outperform many cryptocurrencies. The major reason is that it is backed by solid products.

This is unlike other tokens that do not have utility in their own economy.

Poziturbo: Elven coin powers the Poziturbo social media. At people can create groups, store and share documents.

Currently if you create a group there you, earn some coins, monthly for three months.

Ebooks: People can buy books that teach people about investing in cryptocurrencies. They buy these books at

Elvenland: The current product are the advertising space we have in the form of pixels. People can buy advertising space at cheap prices. Each pixel costs $1, and will be yours forever. There is no easier way to advertise like this.

Our pixels are different from other advertising spaces. With some platform you pay a monthly sum. This is different with Elvenland. Visit , now.


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Levelnaut Community

The following are the social media platforms for Levelnaut. You are free to join.