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Monday, March 22, 2021

Writers Wanted ( #Ambassador team- Elven Coin)

 Elven Coin Ambassador Program

Elven Coin ambassadors have a special role in the adoption and growth of the Elven Coin. The ambassadors are at the centre of spreading the right knowledge to people in their communities, either physical or virtual ones. We want an estimated 500 ambassadors, with diverse geographical locations and languages.

We have two types of ambassadors:

  • Community Managers
  • Content creators

Every ambassador chooses one of these roles but not both. This is important for someone to be active in a single area, where the results are easy to assess and quantify.

Community Managers

Community managers are responsible for creating and managing groups and channels on social media platforms. These platforms include, a channel on telegram, a group on telegram and a Facebook page or group.

The community manager will do the following duties:

  • Translating some articles to their second language, from English.
  • Creating a weekly report on their activities.
  • Conducting any other activities they deem suitable to promote the vision of Levelnaut and the Elven Coin.

Specific requirements for community managers

Each telegram group or channel should have a minimum of 30 active participants at inception.

From there, we expect a monthly increase of at least 5 people, until these have at least 1000 members.

A Facebook page or group should have at least 100 followers or members at inception, then a monthly increase of at least 20 people, until the group has at least 1 000 members.

Each community manager should have at least one active group at A group is active if it has 5 people and there are weekly posts.

Content creators

These are people who will write content promoting the Elven coin, Levelnaut and ElvenLand.

The following content is allowed:




Memes and Infographics shall only be in English.

Each article shall be in English and another second language and they are posted on two different websites or blogs.

Personal websites should have more than 1000 visits per month, if you want to post there.

Popular sites to post include LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Reddit, Publish0X and Trybe. You can publish at any other approved sites.

Reposting your articles to Facebook and LinkedIn groups will increase your earnings.


This will be by monthly Elven Token Airdrop


To apply, join the telegram group for additional information.

Then join our special telegram group: Ambassador Group

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Earning from blogging

Writing is a great skill, just like singing and acting. Therefore, this justifies the need to get a remuneration or earning.  And indeed, many people are earning from blogging or writing. We shall look at two ways you can earn from blogging.

Contributing articles on paying websites

There are many websites that pay you for your articles. However, these articles should relate to their niches. Let me explain how you earn at Publish0X


This is one of my favourite blogging site for earning. You post your articles at any time. Once you publish it, it goes live. There is no moderation or editing. However, your articles should relate to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

How much you earn depends, on how the community likes your article. This is because the members tip or curate your article. Put differently, every reader gives you a rate which determines the earning per article.

In return, you also tip or rate other people’s articles. When you tip, you also earn some money. However, you can tip only 5 times per day.

Those who write good articles, earn up to $5 per article. Assuming that you are one of these, you can earn over $30 per month. That is good. I hope you agree with me.

Contests: Publish0X holds some writing contests, at an almost a monthly basis. At least 10 or so articles are rewarded in this way. However, other participants may be paid based on their efforts. I have won three contests in the past five months.

Click the following link to join: Publish0X

Other blogging sites

There are several blogging sites that pay in the same way as Publis0X. Exactly, the same way, except that they do not hold contests as much as Publish0X does.

Here are the top blogging sites for you:





Earning from your website

You can also earn from your own websites. If you have a good website, you can invite some companies to put their ads there and you get paid. How you get paid depends on the companies that advertise there.

For example if you are using WordPress, you can benefit from WordAds.  This is the best advertising platform for WordPress sites. If you have WordAds on your platform, it will beam many ads there. If visitors to your site view these ads and take action, you get paid. If you have a premium website, WordAds are automatic.

If you are using blogger, you earn from Google Ads, in a similar way to WordAds.

Other ways of earning online

Many people are earning much online. The mostly earn from Applications. You, too, can earn a lot from this.

Read the following article to learn how to earn from applications: Earning From Applications.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Top Applications to earn cryptocurrencies

 People who constantly visit the web, know that there are various potential ways to earn online. From time to time when you are on the internet, you come across ads of earning opportunities.

Yes, there are many such opportunities. However, there are more scams than legit earning opportunities. This is the reason why you need informed guidelines.

This short article shows you some legit earning opportunities out there.

Smart phone applications

There are several applications, where you earn if you install them on your smart phones. These applications do not interfere with the running of your computer. They do not use your battery power or internet data. They only use internet data, the single minute when you give them commands.

You give these applications commands only once within 24 hours. So, you see, this is very simple. Isn’t it. Using applications like these is the way in which people are earning while they are asleep.

Use these mobile applications to earn every minute of your day.

Pi Mining

Link:  Pi Mining

You will be asked for a code, use Mchapeyama

Bee application

You earn by simply installing this application on your android.

 Here is the link to join: BeeGames

You will be asked for a witness, put this code: mchapeyama

Without it you cannot use this application.


This is the third application you install on your smart phone. Once installed, you keep earning the coins.

Click the link below to join us. Timestope

Faucets applications

Faucets are sites that allow you to earn some cryptocurrencies for free. Of course, you do not earn a lot per day. However, if you are consistent you earn a sizable quantity per day. The following applications allow you to claim some coins every hour. However, there are other bonus claims.

You need to download, mobile applications

Earning litecoin

Click link; Litecoin

Free Bitcoin Cash

Click link: BitcoinCash

Web applications

There are different web applications you can earn from.

Brave Browser: As you have already noted, this is a browser functioning like Google chrome, internet explorer, Microsoft Edge etc. However, this browser gives you an opportunity to earn money, while you are surfing the internet. This is because it has its own cryptocurrency called BAT, which is tradable.

So, as you surf, some ads will pop up from time to time. Once, you click on any of these ads, you earn the BAT token. You can exchange this token for fiat currency or any other cryptocurrency.

Click to download the application: Brave Browser

Presearch: This another web application which you can earn from. It has its own cryptocurrency called PRE. In fact it is a search engine. If you install Presearch on your browser, and use it when surfing the internet you earn some cryptocurrency.

The good news is that you can install this application on Brave Browser. Once you do that, it means that you earn from two applications by simply being on the internet. Once, you install them, you will forget that you are earning. However, if you take time to check your wallets, you find out that you are earning. You can be a student or a researcher. Monetize the time you spend on the internet using these applications.

Click to download the application: Presearch

Earning more

Do you want to earn more cryptocurrencies? There are other opportunities that I explain briefly below.  

PipeFlare: This is an amazing earning opportunity. You earn three cryptocurrencies once per day. You earn Doge coin, Flr coin and ZEC coin. 

All you need to do is claim each coin at a time, one after another. ZEC and Doge are already on the exchange.

FLR is PipeFlare’s own token and soon it will be listed. When you stake this coin you get an airdrop at the end of the month.

Click the link: PipeFlare

Ecoin: This coin is already listed on the exchange. Anyone with a Gmail email can register and receive free ecoins. If you invite others to join you also get free coins and scratch tickets where you stand a chance to earn a lot of coins.

Click the link: Ecoin 

Markethive: This is a great site for earning free coins. You earn the coins for virtually anything you do at the site. If you publish a blog post you earn some coins. You also earn them for joining a group, creating your own group, reading an article and even just for a daily login.

Link: MarketHive

PozitUrbo: This is one of the latest social media platform, existing on the web. It does not have a mobile application. However, using this platform, you can chat, share books, share notes, videos and music.

It has its own coin called EVN. You earn it for actively participating on the platform. The coin is built on the Tron Blockchain.

Join: PozitUrbo