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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Make Thousands online: African Writer's Bureau launches a Poetry Writing ...

Make Thousands online: African Writer's Bureau launches a Poetry Writing ...: The African Writers’ Bureau is an African initiative to help interested people to learn how to write various genres. This is a unique initi...

African Writer's Bureau launches a Poetry Writing Course

The African Writers’ Bureau is an African initiative to help interested people to learn how to write various genres. This is a unique initiative to advance the interests of African writers. The focus is mainly on budding writers.

What courses do we offer?
We offer the following courses:
       i.          Creative writing- prose and poetry
      ii.          Theatre arts- film writing
     iii.          Writing for the web
     iv.          Academic writing – including how to write assignments and dissertations
      v.          Article writing

This is a practical course. Yes, tutorials are provided to understand the concepts, but emphasis is on writing itself. Your tutor will act as your personal success coach and mentor.

The students should produce content that is ready for the market. There is no reason for one to study with a poetry course with use for a year and come up with nothing.

Our expectation is that at the end of the year the student should at least produce a manuscript ready for publications. 

There will be guided assignments, created to produce an article, poem or any other marketable work.

How are payments Made?

Payments are done in two ways, whichever you want.

1.      You can pay in your local country to our local agent. If your country does not have an agent yet, you may consider to be one. By doing that you will have a complete free course. You will then assume a number of roles, which we will discuss. By being an agent you will be paid.

2.      You can pay in cryptocurrency. We accept ether (ETH), Bitcoin and DCNT.

We are currently offering poetry. The first two people from an African country will learn poetry for free. It is only after getting help from the course that you can decide to promote African Writers’ Bureau.

You can start reading the material because that is for free. You will only pay when you want to submit the assignments.

There are two types of assignment:
a)      Self-assessment assignment
b)     Written assignments.

What other services do we offer?

We edit your work, but you pay a fee for that. That is if you have other poems outside the assignments you are given.

Our referral system

We offer a referral system. However, you need to register to be our agent in order to earn. The terms for payments are good and can only be communicated to individuals.

How can I start the course?

It is very easy to start. You need to join our telegram group.

You can also join our Facebook group

In the meantime, visit the website and access the material that is already there, African Writers' Bureau Poetry Course

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Strategic Basis of Decenturion

When I started involved in online business, I used to face a question I could not answer easily. The question usually came from my close associates and family members. The question was: Where does the money come from to pay you, from the internet? Even today, when I invite people to join Decenturion, the same…

Saturday, February 23, 2019

CryptoTraderLibrary (CTL) - A Resource for CryptoTraders and Investors

There are many ways to earn income online, such as trading in cryptocurrency or stocks, crypto mining, investments and micropayments. Some of these opportunities are riskier than others. In most cases, the majority of fortune seekers choose less risky options. One of the riskiest options is trading; either in cryptocurrencies or stocks.

Trading poses a great risk for a number of reasons. However, to reduce the risks encountered in trading, traders should acquire and possess special types of knowledge. For example, traders should have a good understanding of some mathematical concepts. This is because trading is based on probability. A trader who understands numerical sequences and statistics has a better chance of succeeding.
The mathematical skills required are linked to the need for analytical skills. The trader needs to analyse facts and figures in order to make decisions.
Apart from the above skills, traders should research widely. They need to find all the relevant information required in making sound trading decisions.
The above should not scare you, because these skills can be learned. You can learn all of these skills in resources found at Cryptotraderlibrary.
The ability to trade had been a great challenge until I came across great resources for traders. The Cryptotraderlibrary, a resource on telegram channel has all one needs to know to be a successful trader. This telegram channel is run by Hayan.  Hayan wishes to share trading knowledge with others for free. He interacts with others in telegram and other groups in order to help others acquire the best knowledge of trading.
His mission is “to provide availability of education resources to all traders and investors.” Many investors around the world have become part of this creative program. The resources you find in Cryptotraderlibrary is diverse, from books, videos and other tutorials.
The material covers many areas relating to trading such as risk management, elements of investment, trading rules, market analysis, how markets work, trading tactics and strategies as well as market timing. There is also depth in various ways in which people can make money online.
The resource covers various types of trading, including binary trading, crypto trading and stock trading. As you can see no one is left out, as long as he/she deals with online trading.
What I have discussed here cannot even cover half of what you find on the channel. It is a mature resource for all crypto enthusiasts, crypto scholars and blockchain analysts.
To see for yourself visit the telegram channel Cryptotraderlibrary
You can access some of my material at my website Moneyscope.

Decenturion Strategy - Hear it from the Horse's Mouth

The following article has been reproduced from the telegram news channel of Decenturion.
Being a media of Decenturion I have the permission to reproduce it. I have posted it here for my dear readers and followers:

Decenturion State Strategy:
Roman Stoic philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca said: “Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power”. He emphasized the important principle of direct democracy in these words. 

Everyone shall understand his responsibility for developments in his state. It perfectly describes a decentralization strategy of the blockchain. The blockchain-based Decenturion state and decentralization have already shown their importance.
There is no escaping the fact that a large part of states makes tougher control of cryptocurrencies and is with an eye for blockchain. Moreover, Decenturion uses blockchain to the full. Blockchain technology provides a high level of data protection against outside interference.
For example, it is possible to falsify classical election results by faking bulletins. It is next to almost impossible to do this in the blockchain. And any network data are monitored to eliminate unwanted processes.

Many modern democracies have become an apogee of business at the expense of democracy. Human factors play a significant role in it. Governors renege on the welfare of citizens and minimize the impact on their actions.
 Then we can talk of serious system faults. The blockchain state offers an innovative way to solve these issues.
What is Decenturion?
Decenturion is a decentralized blockchain-based state. The state’s economy is based on two complementary elements: a physical element – residents, citizens of the state; and a legal element – startups.
Startup Functions
Decenturion provides startups with abilities to transfer their tokens to citizens. It allows them to achieve results many times over than classic ICO results.
As a result, startups obtain both users and blockchain-enthusiasts that are interested in implementing startup tokens and improving their well-being as well as the prosperity of the Decenturion state economy.
The accelerator of the state selects startups, tokens of which can already be used not only in stock trading and as tools provided by the product.
 New startups and Decenturion receive millions of potential users, tens of thousands of citizens engaged in the project promotion, thousands of vocational advisers.
The startups may spend tens of millions of dollars for the marketing campaign to provide coverage of the target audience in such volumes and guarantee positive results. Having entered Decenturion, startups receive these opportunities only due to free distribution of their tokens between the citizens.

Citizens’ functions in the blockchain state

The most famous people of the blockchain world became the first citizens of the Decenturion state. It issues passports. Passport holders can receive free tokens of the startups in a proportional amount to state tokens they have. Citizens have the right to distribute them and attract new citizens to the project.
The Decenturion state tokens are both currency and passports for the residents. Citizens with high human values and professional abilities who are obsessed with modern ideas are the state residents. 
The smart-contract subjects to the relationship between the state and the citizen.
If you want to become a citizen, you need to buy one DCNT token and activate it as the passport. You will receive a personalized webpage in the general state structure and a guide for external economic participation.
 The citizens can manage the startup tokens at will. They have the right to offer the tokens for sale at their own price, and a profit becomes the citizen’s profit.
The profit of the citizens is not taxed in the Decenturion state!
The economic and political state model 

The state economy is based on underlying democracy tools. The Ministries of Industry, Education, Information, Commerce and others regulate issues concern state development.
 However, the issues are implemented on the basis of the direct democracy as against as well-known democratic states.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Valena-SV : A critical part of Decenturion

Valena-SV is among successful start-ups of the Decenturion State. Decenturion, the first decentralised state is made up of individual and start-up citizens. These two groups complement each other. Start-ups provide additional income to citizens, while citizens provide a market for these start-ups. So Decenturion is made up of investors, entrepreneurs and innovators. Every citizen of Decenturion is a winner.
Anyone can be a citizen of Decenturion. If you are new to Decenturion news, read, How Strategic is Decenturion State?
Now let us focus on one of the best start-ups of Decenturion- Valena-SV.

What is Valena-SV?


The Valena-SV complex is a resource-saving, oil-soluble additive complex (vehicle additive) that allows increasing service life of machines, up to 75%. They also help in saving fuel consumption by up to 14%. The product results in the reduction of oil consumption and harmful emissions up to 50%.
Valena- SV, is not just a concept; it is an operational and profitable business. As the blockchain technology changes the world, the Valena-SV unique technology focuses on fundamental changes in lubricant refining.

Valena-SV is the fifth generation of engine oils that can open doors for lubricant refining in the new technological production structure.

All products of the company are oriented on scientific research results and discoveries of senior technical specialists, Garkunov D.N. and Babel V.G. The business focuses on cooperation with the world's largest energy companies as well as on B2B and B2C markets. A preliminary cooperation agreement was reached with Gazprom and Lukoil, two Russian giants of this sector.

The transition of world lubricants to a new technological level fundamentally changes the usage approach of industrial equipment and machinery. Today, it allows reducing significantly the harmful impact on the environment.
Above this, Valena-SV has its own internal currency called SV Coin.
The SVCoin token is provided with products manufactured under the Valena-SV brand. At any time, the SVCoin may be changed for any product of the Valena-SV in the volume corresponding to the SVCoin exchange rate.

You can visit the Valena-SV site for more details.

Benefits to Decenturion citizens
If you are a citizen of Decenturion, you benefit from a 25% discount when you purchase Valena-SV products. In addition to large discounts, support and an operating system are provided.

 Although I have talked about just Valena-SV start-up affiliated to Decenturion, there are hundreds of them now. If you are a citizen of Decenturion you receive constant discounts from all of them. From time to time you also receive free airdrops.
There are so many benefits of being a citizen of Decenturion. Read about some of them here.
If you are interested in joining, then click Decenturion.

RADDAR helps you trade safely

Are you a cryptocurrency trader? There is good news for you. Pay particular attention to how you can reduce your trading risks
Let me first introduce myself. I am a citizen of Decenturion. I am happy to pass around special information about RADDAR because it is also a citizen of Decenturion. RADDAR is a start-up. By being part of Decenturion media team, I have the right to pass this critical information. Anyone else can become a citizen of Decenturion and help to promote start-ups affiliated to it.
As a member of the media team, of the Ministry of Information, you have many privileges, including earning various tokens of the start-ups. If you are a blogger, focusing on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, investment, insurance and other business related concepts, you can monetise your blogs with Decenturion.
For more information on how you can monetise your blogs and social media read this article: Strategic Basis of Decenturion.
Now let me focus on RADDAR.

RADDAR is a team of enthusiasts from Moscow who decided to make a product for traders.
The reasons for RADDAR to have this product emanates from the fact that 81% of traders lose money in the first year of trading.
The main causes of the lose by traders include:
– lack of time to search and read information;
-too large data volumes: reports, news, blogs, portals, social networks;
– a lot of unverified, unreliable and irrelevant financial analytics;
-complexity when analysing and structuring very specialized information.
– high risks – a significant percentage of losing entrepots among participants of stock trading.
The RADDAR platform is based on parsers that collect information of 323 Internet sources every 10 minutes (over time, data sources will be added). Further, these data are structured into a single format and fit into the database. The team collects data, distributes it to groups, where voting takes place.
Today, 28 financial assets are available in 4 investment periods. In a month it is planned to launch one more period – “during the day”. It will include quick trades with shortstops and takes.
The RADDAR team have a great mind to make its product useful and user-friendly!
RADDAR should be the first point for various traders because of the following reasons:
  • It provides useful statistics and information for decision making;
  • The information is made public. Anyone can easily access it at any time.
  • The risk involved in trading is greatly reduced. This helps novice traders to participate.
  • You have an opportunity of getting personalised information depending on the preferences you make.
Get more information on RADDAR.
There is a 7-day trial period for citizens of the Decenturion state. You can activate it by clicking on any frozen asset, a window will appear with a proposal to activate the free trial.
You can easily join Decenturion.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Make Thousands online: FLOGMall, a Decenturion start-up Holds a Conferenc...

Make Thousands online: FLOGMall, a Decenturion start-up Holds a Conferenc...: FLOGmall is an e-commerce platform for sellers and buyers who sell and buy goods and services using cryptocurrencies all over the world. On...

FLOGMall, a Decenturion start-up Holds a Conference

FLOGmall is an e-commerce platform for sellers and buyers who sell and buy goods and services using cryptocurrencies all over the world. On the platform sellers and buyers of goods interact. 

It offers a platform for thousands and thousands of goods and services to be sold and purchased. However, the medium of exchange here is various cryptocurrencies.

 A private Mallcoin cryptocurrency (MLC) is used as a payment on the platform. FLOGmall is one of the successful start-ups of the Decenturion state!
If you are not familiar with Decenturion here is a brief.

 Decenturion is the world’s first Decentralised state. It is composed of individuals and start-up businesses. FLOGmall is one of Decenturion’s start-up resident.
FLOGmall is one of the organizers of the EBIC2019 conference that will be held in Vienna, Austria, from February 28 to March 2, 2019.

You can get more information about the conference here.

Buyers and sellers are invited to attend the seminar. Investors and crypto enthusiasts are free to join as well as interested individuals.

At the conference, FLOGmall will present new opportunities for its product. In addition, more than 50 world leading speakers, international investors and politicians as well as a series of parties with many very interesting acquaintances are expected to be there.

Citizens of Decenturion will be given special bonuses for their participation. Usually, they are offered free tokens, which is one of the benefits of being a citizen. The free tokens will help to raise the income levels of the citizens. It is not difficult to become a citizen of Decenturion. All you need to do is to register at its website, Decenturion.

Decenturion offers you the opportunity to participate in many activities where you are paid. For example, writers are paid for writing articles about various start-ups. There are many other start-up organisations that joined Decenturion.

The aim of Decenturion is to raise the standard of living of its citizens. Anyone in the world can become a citizen. The good thing is that every citizen has a role to play and has a chance to earn a decent income.

Decenturion and various start-ups organise conferences on a monthly basis, to disseminate information about the various activities that are carried out monthly.

Imagine how citizens of Decenturion benefit from the start-ups. Start-ups affiliated to Decenturion, usually offer free tokens to all citizens. By being an active member an individual earns a lot.

More information on Decenturion is obtained here.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Blogging Platforms where you earn cryptocurrencies

When I was appointed a curator, I was overjoyed, hoping to help many people in my country.  Immediately I took to social media sites, particularly Facebook groups and LinkedIn profiles. I tried to identify suitable candidates to work in Decenturion. My strategy was simple, I focused on profiles at LinkedIn of writers and bloggers. I posted a number of adverts on Facebook groups of writers. The response was quite great. I became busy for a week or so helping the new guys to settle in. There was a lot of hope and enthusiasm. I think everyone who joined had the same motivation as me, to start working and succeed. There was a lot of participation in our telegram groups. After we had discussed a lot, it was time for people to show what they could do. I had to guide a number of people to set out their media. Media simply means the places where we post our articles and videos.
Remember, I was only a week or two in Decenturion and I was hitting the ground strongly, so was my team. As in line with the Decenturion requirements people have to register their media with the Ministry of Information. Many people registered some media, including myself. When the first batch of results of accreditation came everyone was taken by surprise. Most of the media were declined. Luckily all my media were approved, among a few more. So we had a starting point with the few whose media were approved. But the rest of the team got demotivated. As a leader, I had to investigate why most of the media were rejected.  The main reason was, “Inappropriate Content.” There was no additional information, but I understood everything. With these few background words, I can explain what your media should be like for it to be accredited.
There are basically three types of media. The first media type is groups. We use social media groups daily; we are part of some of them. There are groups at Facebook, Telegram and LinkedIn, for example. These groups can be your media if they meet the requirements. The basic requirement of a group is the need to have a minimum of 1000 members. Simple.
The second type of media includes blogs and websites. You are free to create your own blogs in any blogging site of your choice. With blogs, they do not look at the number of followers. They can only estimate the size of readership. There are various places on the internet where you can start your blogs. The list will be at the end of this article. You are free to join any of those or any other you think of. The third category is that of videos. The main place where we can put videos is on YouTube. We are still to find out if we can put our videos somewhere. However, the videos are paid according to the number of visitors they receive.
Type of content
Your blogs or internet groups should have business-related articles. There are many issues we can write about such as affiliate marketing, how to run our businesses or description of some types of online businesses. However, the most required type of information is on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.  You can also write articles to advertise a number of internet-based businesses such as steemit or empowr. Your love for online businesses can be shown from the articles your present. To work with Decenturion, therefore, requires you to be a business news writer, an affiliate marketer or someone who deals with multi-level businesses. The depiction of such knowledge in your blogs or groups will enhance the chance of your media to be accepted. We shall discuss the tiny details in another article.
The following is a list of places where you can create your blogs:
To get additional requirements to be successful at Decenturion visit the following sites:
Happy reading and Decenturion journey.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Decenturion - The First Decentralised State

Decenturion - The First Decentralised State: World conditions are never static. Changes come one after the other. The recent changes that affect people on a wide scale have been the invention of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is virtual money, meaning it can only be used on t...

Friday, February 1, 2019

Salary Mindset

The way we live is normally influenced by our mindsets. Our mindsets are shaped from the very first day we are born. Any living thing adjusts to its environment. That is exactly what a baby does, from the birth point. We become reflectors of our social and economic environment. This is where social classes emerge. A prince is trained to be a king, a child born of slaves is socialised into his/her ways consistent of slavery.

Now, let us take a moment and reflect on our situation. The truth with people in developing countries is that we are trained to act in a certain way. How many have been programmed in the following way:

Programmed to believe that we need to go to school, work hard to get good grades, then get a job and do a 9-5 job forty or so years?

Now with the emergence of technological unemployment how many will now fit into this trajectory? Luck if you get that job and doomed if not.

Now, the only solution to the problem created by technology, mass loss of jobs, is in the technology itself - internet business and online jobs.

if you find yourself in a messy resulting from technological unemployment, then think on how to change your mindset.

You may get a solution online: Decenturion

How to make it on Decenturion right away, Levelnaut solution.