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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Get super success with Affiliate, Multi-level and Internet businesses

There is a popular saying: "Once beaten twice shy." This is related to the concept that experience is the best teacher. We need to learn from our past and plan our future. But in the world, we have socialists and humanitarians who need to help others not fall in the pit they have fallen into. Like many other humanitarians, I would like to offer my help to people who venture into online businesses. I was not beaten once, I have been beaten a myriad times. How was I beaten in online business? I failed so many times over a period of more than three years. I lost money, I lost a lot of time, but luckily, I never lost the zeal. However, I have a short lesson to share to internet newbies. The lesson is premised on the saying: " Not all that glitters is gold." The point is that the internet has many opportunities that seem glittery. Sadly, they are not as shiny as they appear. The internet is full of scammers who are after newbies. So the best path to tour is the one with people whom you trust. For many reasons you do not trust me, but why not trust me for the length of time you are reading this article.

In the above paragraph, it seems I was beating about the bush. Now it is time for facts. When you turn to online business, you need to make a decision, a solid one. A decision you will stick to. Make a decision on the type of business you need to follow online and stick to it. Many people online line fail because they try one project after the other. They work on a project for five months and find the programme unworthy and decide to go for another internet business opportunity. A person works on another new project for a month or two then leaves it for another project. Project here is used to mean the same as internet programme or internet business. But my point is you get into a circle of starting a project, leave and go for another. The more failures you get and the longer the time you go on without financial benefit, the more you get confused and disheartened. In the end, one stops his/her intended business online. This article may seem useless but it is very important. I was online for a long time and I failed to earn any money for a long time. I spend two years online without earning a penny. The reason being that I was moving from one project to the other. This is called the shining object syndrome. Once it catches you, it goes in that unending circle. The reason for that is trying to generate a lot of money within a short time.

The shining object syndrome (SOS) is derived from the behaviour of children in a playing space. If there are many toys, a child will move from one toy to the other, finding no lasting interest in any one of them. This dilemma is faced by many internet novices. The internet is like a playing ground with many shiny objects. Shining things are irresistible. We are naturally pulled to them. We want to work with them. Unfortunately, if this problem catches you with internet business you will lose everything, pursuing one project after the other. You constantly leave half backed projects all over the internet. This applies the same to affiliate and multi-level marketing businesses. The word of advice is the same.

What all this fussy I am talking about? My point is, identify a few online business projects and stick to them. Choose those programs that you have a passion for and dwell on them. If you are new to online business, let me advise you of one thing. Internet business does not pay in the short run. You may go as long as two years without earning a penny. However, when the income starts to flow in you can too be mesmerised by it. Internet business depends on the flow of traffic to your business. It takes time for you to establish a steady flow of traffic. When we say traffic we mean potential buyers of your service; the people who visit your site. As they say, traffic is the lifeblood of an internet business, whatever type it is.

My final advice is: Avoid the shining object syndrome. It takes your time, resources and effort. Choose a few businesses and stick to them until their fruition. Make a firm decision before you start. Hopping from one project to another is different from diversification. For newbies, it is best to work with no more than six internet projects. This is because each internet project requires strong advertisement, on social media, blogs and websites. As an internet business person, your main role is advertising. You cannot advertise ten projects to the point of them paying you. Internet business is like a marriage. You can best satisfy the needs of one partner ( spouse) than five spouses ( in case of monogamy.)

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