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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Royale Finance- Blending DeFi and iGaming


Royale Finance is offering a unique blend of services to its community and the gaming sector. Royale Finance combines decentralized finance and iGaming services.

With DeFi, its main focus is on raising liquidity to assist players in the iGaming sector. It aims to help in sourcing initial investment funds through IGO.  In another way, it opens the door for people to investor in iGames upon their launch. This means that, if the investors put in their money at the early stage of blockchain based games, they are likely to reap great rewards when the games flourish.

IGO should not be a difficult concept to understand. It is initial gaming offering, a means of raising funds for new businesses operating with the iGaming sector.  It is a version of initial coin offering (ICO), but one that relates only to the gaming sector.

Therefore, the process of IGO is similar to that of an ICO. Now, you know what this implies and means. Entrepreneurs in the gaming sector, who are failing to raise initial investment, should head straight to Royale Finance to get support in raising initial investment amounts.

On the other hand, if you are an investor interested to put your funds into the gaming sector, you should visit Royale Finance and look for the best investment opportunities around. Remember, that the gaming sector is expanding by the day. Further to this, people have high interest in the Play-to-earn (P2E) games. Imagine that you have just put your money in a game that will make it big in the P2E sector in the near future.

Your guess is as good as mine: and the reality is that you would be on the verge of breaking into great success.

What is iGaming?

Yes, this is a question which some of us may have. Basically, iGaming refers to all games that involve betting and casinos.

Royale Finance believes that merging DeFi products with iGaming products open way for people to access funds to initiate and expand their gaming projects. Examples of DeFi products which Royale Finance will provide including lending, liquidity provision and staking, among others. 

For more details about these products read this article:
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Friday, October 15, 2021

Blockster is offering a huge reward for people who provide liquidity on Uniswap. If you have analysed the heading you might have been shocked, by the 11 190.16% APY. To be frank that is not a common return figure for many people.


 However, that is the reality. Blockster is offering such a huge return on investment. Simply visit its website and read for yourself :

Before getting into details about this investment and the returns, let’s focus on what Blockster is. Well, Blockster is a big company on the blockchain. Currently, it is the biggest social media platform based on the blockchain. It is not as huge as Facebook or Maybe Twitter, but that is its ambition.

It is going to be the biggest social media platform, with its own token BXR existing on the ethereum network. BXR is currently listed at Hotbit, with other exchanges coming very soon. If you visit the Blockster platform you will find interesting figures including trading academy and trending news.

Investment opportunity

As a real fan of Blockster, I had been writing much about it. But for now I am talking about the investment opportunity where the first movers will earn much.

Ok. Blockster has  reward programme focused on its liquidity providers. There is a liquidity pool that exists on Uniswap, where you can go for the ETH/BXR pair. There is absolute no minimum liquidity amount. However, the more liquidity you provide for a long period the more you will earn.

There is a total reward pool of 2 000,000 BXR which it will distribute in the next 12 months. Sure, for the next 12 months. Now, if you do your mathematics well, you will find that liquidity providers will share 166 000 per month. That is a good figure. Definitely.


The staking period is 365 days. Now, you may wonder as to where staking comes in. When you provide liquidity, you will get UNI-V3-POS token, which you will stake in order to get a share of the 2 000, 000 BXR tokens.

First mover advantage

There is a definite first mover advantage, because those who join during the first month will earn something every month for 12 months. In addition to this, as you earn more BXR rewards; it is most likely that the price of the BXR token will also rise. So, it’s a case of double gain.

The current price of the BXR token is $0.44. I doubt, as you may do, that the price of the token will remain so low considering the scale of the project.

By the way, Blockster allows every blockchain based company to partner with it. This is because it is a social platform where companies, projects and individuals dealing or interested in cryptocurrencies and the blockchain can join.

Do you have a blockchain project to partner with Blockster?

If you own or run a blockchain based project or company and you want to partner with Blockster, the contact @Mchapeyama (TA username), on telegram or simply visit the telegram channel for more details.

Would it be logical for you to forego a n investment with an approximately 11 119.16% APY.  The good thing is that there is no minimum amount for liquidity provision.


You can get more information on the following platforms:


Telegram chat:

Common telegram chat:


Sunday, October 10, 2021

How far Doracakeswap have done: Road Map

 Doracakeswap has done much in terms of achieving its roadmap targets. To understand the journey which Doracakeswap has gone, let’s look at its vision:

Doracakeswap sets out to introduce one-of-its kind decentralized exchange (DEX). However, this is not the only goal. It has other milestones which include multi-wallet, staking pool, vibrant social community and lottery. Looking at these, we can tell that Doracakeswap is doing very well on following its road map.

We will analyze its set milestones now. To best understand these we use snapshots from its website.


This is the very first part of the roadmap. Looking at these aspects, we can tell that it has achieved many of these. There are social media platforms on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit and medium. You will see the links at the end of this article.

Now, Doracakeswap is waiting for the outcome of listing Doracake, its internal token on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.


This is the planned milestones for the first quarter of 2021.

The fair launch of the token was done. The Doracake token is now on Panecakeswap. Secondly, there is locked liquidity. This show how great Doracakeswap follows its plan. Liquidity is locked in Dxsale.  Also, Doracakeswap website is functional. The website is:


This is an area where some milestones are not achieved. The main reason is that there are other organizations such as CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap the project is dealing with. However, much ground has been cleared.  The logo is as well as the whitepaper.

Doracakeswap LOGO


This is another area, not yet covered. The main reason is the process depends on other organizations such as KuCoin. The Multi-Wallet is under development.


We see some aspects of the roadmap covered here. People can now stake Doracakeswap and earn 120% APR. There are steps taken towards burning   10 million Doracake tokens.


The other aspects for consideration include NFT marketplace implementation and vaults. These are future goals. The interesting part is that the NFT Marketplace will be launched in October 2021.

The other recent development has been the launching of the lottery. It is already functional on the web platform.

Investment and earning opportunities

•             The main way in which people can invest is through staking Doracake.

•             People can also earn from the lottery.

•             Of course, the conditions are also suitable for HODLING.

How to buy Doracake?

People can buy Doracake on Pancakeswap,

Social media platforms

In order to get updates on the developments, you can join the telegram chat room,




Wednesday, August 18, 2021

ElvenLand promises to be the biggest project based on Tron Blockchain Technology

 ElvenLand is a well-craft project based on the blockchain-technology. Why do we say that it is a good- company? The reason is simple. It is an internet-based business, with many investment opportunities.

It offers people the chance to do remote-work. For example, they can work remotely by carrying out various tasks or gigs. There are also important virtual jobs such as being ambassadors, marketers and project managers.

Nature of Internet Business which elven Project has? For your information we call ElvenLand, Elven project as well. This is because our main coin is Elven, which is built on the Tron blockchain.

ElvenLand is a unique blockchain based (crypto) project because it has a total of 26 tokens which power this economy. Elven coin is the main token, but is supported by other 25 tokens.

The names of our tokens are based on the letters of the alphabet.

For example:

·       A: AMIKO token

·       B: Brilla token

·       C: Cryst

·       D: Danko

The list goes on.  You can see the entire list of the tokens below, with a short vision of how they function.



·        Amiko is a token for rewarding ElvenLand partners. 

·        Our partners are individuals, businesses, or organizations which cooperate in achieving our vision. 

·        They may participate in spreading information about any of our products. 

·        They include people who buy our products on a consistent basis. In this regard, they can get discounts on AMIKO coins. 

·        It is also used for rewarding friends, families etc. who acquire some of our products.

·        Amiko will be used to reward individuals or entities that buy and hold predetermined volumes of all our coins. 

·        Website owners with high traffic who put approved advertising posts will earn some AMIKO coins. 

·        Businesses such as shops that display our stickers or information on our products may also earn AMIKO. 



·        BRILLA is a token for rewarding committed members of our community who are making visible progress in our project.

·        People who make undeniable contributions to our project gets the coin as a sign of honour.

·        We shall establish milestones for members to earn these

·        Members who join programs that need investment such as RICHA can get some BRILLA. 

·        Every citizen of ElvenLand will get BRILLA for that achievement.

·        Maybe top 5 contributors in terms of country membership can get BRILLA.

·        As you can see, BRILLA is related to brilliance in pursuit of our major milestones. 



·        Cryst is an Elven Land cryptocurrency that is mined from the Crystal of Positive Mines. 

·        This cryptocurrency is rewarded to those who help to mine the crystals of positive.

·        The main goal of this project is to spread positivity to the whole world. 

·        We will do this by opening Positeca groups on every social media in the world and also invite every positive person to join this positive movement.




• DANKO coin is used to reward people within a community and from all over the world who come to conduct business through the DANKO platform.

• Specialists in various professions like plumbers, carpenters, graphic designers and writers etc, as well as those who carry out other legal assignments meet here for business.

• Payment for services rendered will be made using the DANKO coin.

• Clients who request the services of specialists for a number of times will also be rewarded.

Competitions among members will be belted out as a way of further distribution of the coin.


·        This is a token used to reward people who participate in our social platform PozitUrbo. 

·        In order to earn Elven10, members should invite others to join their groups or chats. 

·        Therefore, citizens should create their own special groups, with at least 5 active members. 

·        The token is given to ambassadors as a reward for their effort in promoting the Elven coin and the entire project. 


FESTA– this coin of the fairy FESTA.

·        It is used to reward organizers of parties, meetings, meet-ups and festive events.

·        Some people who actively participate in these events also earn FESTA.

·        These events are called elvents in ElvenLand.

·        When someone has enough FESTA coins, he/she can go to any party or holiday in the world.

·        For example, people who are part of ElvenLand and live in the same locality or region can hold such events.




·        GILDO is a token that enables someone to become a member of a special group called a Guild. 

·        For example, business analysts can form their guild in order to advance their knowledge. 

·        Potential Guilds include Positeca Guild, author Guild, Crypto Analyst Guilds, and Wellness Guilds etc.



·        Helpi is one of the Elven Land coins. It’s a charity coin. 

·        Holders of this coin can contribute to donations within the Elven community and external Non-profit organizations. 

·        Non-profit organizations will be required to sign up to the Elven community, and register their organizations. Then they can launch a donation campaign

·        From there, they can receive Helpi coins into their wallets and convert them to any fiat in order to facilitate their mission. 


·        This is a token to reward new users of the ElvenLand (Elven coin project).

·        For example, a person gets something for joining all the social media platforms.

·        The individual will watch our introductory videos and read written instructions. 

·        Upon successful answering a quiz, they get the share of tokens assigned. 

·        They get a reward for introducing a new person, who becomes active in community activities. 


·        Klubo supports the functioning of the Elven Land Ambassador Clubs network in real life.

·        It also enables members to make payments for resorts places. 

·        People will be able to invest in resort real estate and organize all local and regional elvents.

·        Therefore, Klubo is a versatile, incentive and investment cryptocurrency. 

·        Residents of ElvenLand will use CRYST to purchase Klubo coin.

·        It is also used for the construction (or rental) of various properties in resort locations. 

·        Users can purchase holiday units as well as invest in the construction of a permanent Elven Land embassy in such places.

·        In addition, it is an incentive for moderators and administrators’ positive groups and associations in the virtual world.

·        People meet in positeca style in Local and regional elvents.


Lerta Token

·        Lerta is part f the Elven economy, which comprises of several projects including ElvenLand, Poziturbo, Positeca and

·        The main purpose of the Lerta token is to support and power the crypto educational programme of the Elven Coin Economy. It is a reward token for members participation in the educational program, where they can create tutorials and other related content. 

·        This is in line with the vision of Levelnaut, an IT educational program which provides promotional services, communication platforms and online educational tool-kits in order to train ordinary people on how to make meaningful investment. Members can also create and sell technologies used in sharing investment education. 

·        The educational material will be available to all interested people at a low price. The learning material will cover a diversity of investment areas including cryptocurrency and trading. However, the Lerta token also supports any technologies created for the purpose of enhancing exchange of knowledge in investment and cryptocurrencies, on the Levelnaut platform. 



·        This is a reward coin for all inventors and alchemists- all those who come up with new ideas.

·        Mainly, we reward citizens who come up with new ways of doing things in our project. 

·        For example, members can come up with kick-starter information. 

·        This is important because innovation or invention are key to a progressive world.

·        Also a stagnant project loses visibility or relevance in a changing world.

·        Members can also come up with information on how to improve our processes within ElvenLand.  



·        This is a coin we use to assist people who have lost some funds in other investments online or offline who join ElvenLand. Such people want to have a new start by investing in our projects.

·        We help them because they have come to the right place and at the right time.

·        The people get the help in an incremental way in relation on how they are progressing.

·        At the same time, we offer them guidance or mentorship so that they succeed in their new ventures. 

·        Our aim is to help people to succeed in their business ventures or projects. 



·        We use OFICO for advancing the careers of ElvenLand members. 

·        It is for payment of salaries and perks for office holders of ElvenLand.

·        Office bearers who advance their careers through further studies and other professional development activities will receive OFICO as an appreciation



·        This is a coin which offers a transition between the real world and the virtual one.

·        The transition is between the real world which the person lives and the virtual one (ElvenLand). 

·        An individual should possess all the 26 tokens in order to become a citizen of ElvenLand.

·        However, the individual should also pay a small fee to become a citizen of the virtual land. 

·        It is also mandatory for the person to be a member of two guilds. 



·        QUEST is a special and exclusive token to reward community members for achieving special tasks which make people to appreciate the ElvenLand project.  

·        We reward our leaders for achieving great milestones such as having 10 000 people from a country being part of the ElvenLand. 

·        We reward people who hold significantly large amounts of our diverse coins at the same time.

·        We reward individuals who would have traded large volumes of our diverse coins.

·        We reward people who book for resort places and accommodations using our token such as hotels. 

·        Rewarding our community members who hold interviews with influencers such as ministers or renowned crypto analysts and researchers.



·        This is a special coin for the members of investor clan. In order for an individual to become a member, one should pay a certain amount of RICHA.

·        Thus, members obtain the token in return for investing in ElvenLand.

·        It is also used to reward individuals who participate in various ElvenLand activities. 

·        More importantly, a person can trade RICHA after completing all BRILLA levels or for holding positions of honour in the project. 

·        The investment levels will be determined by fairies of RICHA. 



·        This token is used to reward members who contribute to ElvenLand through knowledge creation emanating from surveys.

·        It is also used for rewarding experts who provide answers to important questions posed by our community members.

·        For example, members will participate in focus groups, discussing topics of interest, thus generating valuable information suitable for all Elvenlanders.

·        This is because knowledge is a powerful force for the transformation of individuals and communities. 



·        TASKO is a special token in ElvenLand used for paying people who does various tasks.

·        Members can ask the community users to do certain tasks for them, in return for rewards.

·        Therefore, TASKO is the token used to pay for any micro task (microjob) done on the ElvenLand platform.

·        The scope of the microjob is wide including voting on platforms, joining certain platforms, commenting, creating videos and retweeting posts. 

·        In some cases, ElvenLand will offer the community tasks to be done, paid in TASKO.


·        This coin of fairy Utila is used to give rewards for people who contribute useful information to the ElvenLand community. 

·        The essential information may include but not limited to life hacks and tips like how to recycle or dispose of certain material.

·        Community members shows that the information is useful through voting, reviews, comments and other acceptable means.

·        We do this to acknowledge the contribution which individuals are making to our ElvenLand community. 



·        WANDY is a fairy token. This is because it is used to assist ElvenLand Citizens to achieve their aspirations or wish lists. 

·        Remember, a citizen is an individual who holds all our 26 tokens. 

·        What we know is that almost all people have wishes, but many fail to attain them. That is where WANDY comes in.

·        This token is given to loyal citizens of ElvenLand who are failing to achieve their wishes. 

·        The amount of WANDY token a citizen gets depends on the level of investment he/she has done in the project.

·        In this sense, investment does not only relate to funds. Someone might have invested time and effort in the Elven Project. 

·        In appreciation for such loyalty, passion and motivation ElvenLand awards such people WANDY tokens.



·        XENIA is the coin of fairy of hospitality.

·        XENIA holders will donate this token to organizations and individuals in the hospitality, tourism and related services. 

·        There will be Elvenlanders in various resort places around the world. 

·        This token will be donated to people in this sector who share or value our vision.

·        As a result, holders of XENIA, working in the hospitality and tourism sector will have advantage in getting employment. 

·        At the same time, they spread the word about ElvenLand.



·        YOUNG is a special token used to purchase Health and wellness related material produced by community members.

·        The material will be in form of EBooks, blogs or videos.  The information is meant to help people maintain a healthy life style.

·        YOUNG holders may also donate this coin to help our community members who are facing serious health problems. This will help them to seek proper medication.

·        Members can also donate YOUNG to other special health causes and centres which are enabling people to access quality health information and services.



·        This is our token to power live events (cameos) related to the elven coin and its partners.

·        In other words, it drives local and international events of interest to the elven coin project.

·        It rewards ambassadors who participate in event management and events. 

·        These can include teach-up events such as conferences

·        The events and streaming should coincide with important calendar events such as women’s day

·        They include local crypto expos. The live streams can be on popular media such as Twitch or Facebook. 

·        It can also power competitions in video and audio presentations on positivity or any elven coin projects. 

·        It is used in imparting presentation skills for our ambassadors and team members.


Main aspects

It could be your first time to read about this project, ElvenLand and you should have amassed much information on its focus. We aim to become the largest crypto project based on the Tron blockchain.

Therefore, investors have an opportunity to put their funds in this project which has the great fundamentals. You can contribute liquidity through JustSwap. Elven coin, a TRC20 token is paired with TRX.

All the 26 tokens are not fragmented. Their main functions is to give value to the Elven coin.          By doing this they stabilize the value of the elven coin.

Much of the trading of our coins will take place in our own exchange called Vendisto. It is also important to note that these coins power our products.

ElvenLand products

The reason why you should decide to work with ElvenLand is its fundamentals.  We believe that the time to have a token or coin which is not supported by products is over.

Positeca: These are groups created on various social programs which teach people to have positive mentality and living. People who participate in these groups have a chance to distress. platform: This is an investment educational platform. We teach people how to invest wisely online. We also provide mentors and counsellors.

Poziturbo: This is our social media platform, where people interested in cryptocurrencies can chat to one another. Like any other social media platforms, people can create groups or have live chats.

Vendisto: We have already pointed out to Vendisto, our decentralized exchange.

ElvenLand: This is an advertisement platform. We use pixels, which are pictures with links to reach many people around the world.

Additional information

There are various sources of information you can access, which include the following:


Advertising platform:

Social media platform:


Investment educational platform:

Liquidity provision:

All our tokens in one place:

Our communities

In order to get more information join some of our communities: