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Saturday, January 8, 2022

HorsX Giveaways, 2022

The aim of this article is to let you know the opportunities that currently exist in HorsX Technology

HorsX is a blockchain based project with several products which include:

·         NFT launchpad

·         Multi-wallet

·         NFT Marketplace

·         HorsX blockchain

·         Centralized Exchange

However, some of these products are yet to be achieved but are part of its roadmap. In the mean time, HorsX is building and empowering its community. You can participate and benefit right away.


HorsX has a lucrative airdrop, where you can earn 50 HRX token. To participate just complete the form:  AIRDROP

Presale Rewards

HRX presale is ongoing and there are many incentives for the early birds. The minimum amount you can buy is 125 BUSD or $125. The price of HRX is 0.25 BUSD or $0.25.

·         You can buy the token at,

You buy using BUSD or BNB. You require either MetaMask or Trustwallet to do so.

·         If you but 1 000 HRX you get a 5% extra tokens

·         If you buy 2 000 HRX, you get 12% extra tokens

·         If you buy 5 000 you get 20% extra tokens.

DUBAI Trip: The top HRX holders after the presale will win a free trip to Dubai.

Daily Giveaways to 2 top holders of HRX token. Top holder gets $15 while second placed holder gets $10.

Referral System: There is a lucrative referral system. You get 3% of all the purchases of you invitees.



For more information on these and future projects join the social media platforms:









HorsX Technology Airdrop

 HorsX is a blockchain project which offers many services with a view of making cryptocurrencies more accessible to people around the world. On its websites, it states that it provides various IT services, apart from its major products which include a blockchain network, the NFT marketplace and a centralized exchange.

The project provides multiple products in order to increase the utility of its internal token, HRX, built on the Binance Smart Chain. The main goals of HorsX are to create a blockchain which integrates other existing chains as well as to create a centralized exchange. As you can see, HorsX wants to bring life changing products on the blockchain sector.

HorsX’s users should be able to access as many products and services on its platform as possible. There is going to be an integration of services which are most sought after at the moment and in the future. For example, the NFT launchpad will assist many emerging artists and NFT projects to get known and stabilize in a short period.

The NFT marketplace is also a game changer. As we noted in 2021, there has been an increase in the adoption of NFTs. This means their demand will continue to increase. It is for this purpose that HorsX will create a marketplace for NFT which is inclusive and less costly. This will also cater for the emerging metaverse sector. HorsX will onboard a gaming and metaverse platform to take care of this evolving sector.

Another product which will come soon is the multiwallet, which will list as many cryptocurrencies and NFTs as possible. With this, its users will have a user friendly product available to them at any time.

HorsX’s current activities

HorsX is very active at the moment to launch its token and products. Already its token, HRX is in the presale period with very relaxed conditions. The current price is 0.25 BUSD. However, people can buy the token using BNB. They can buy using Trust Wallet and Metamask. All the details exist on the HorsX website.

Presale Benefits: There is a big reward for purchasing the HRX token during the presale phase. The following is the reward structure:

Purchase 1 000 HRX tokens and get 5% extra, for free

Purchase 2 000 HRX tokens and get 12% extra for free

Purchase 5 000 HRX tokens and get 20% for free.

Airdrop: Users can participate in the airdrop and stand a chance to get 50 HRX. As a fact, a total of 2 000 people will get the airdrop on a first come first served basis. As we speak, if you head straight to the airdrop form you will get your own share of HRX tokens. All you need is the Binance Smart Chain Wallet address.  To participate in the airdrop click HORSX AIRDROP.

Referral System: Once you register and link your BSC wallet, you can participate in the referral system. Your referral code is your BSC wallet address. You will earn 3% of the tokens which your invitees will purchase.


The HorsX community is growing remarkably. You are free to join any of the social media platforms:





Airdrop Form: HorsX Technology Airdrop

Monday, January 3, 2022

 HorsX Technology, a decentralized project is offering various free rewards to its users which include Dubai Trip, giveaways and an airdrop. As a fact, HorsX Technology is based on the Binance Smart Chain and its native token is called HRX.

HorsX Technology has three main products which include HorsX Exchange, HorsX smart chain and NFT Marketplace. These products will be launched very soon. There are other services which the project offers, mainly in the Information Technology sector. We will discuss some of these products briefly to let you have a full view of what HorsX Technology offers.

ICO development:  The protocol will enable other crypto projects to launch their coin offering on the platform. This is a service which is in high demand which will result in high demand for  the HRX token.

Blockchain game development: The protocol will allow developers to create their own games. As you may know, the gaming sector is expanding by day. With time, HorsX will introduce a metaverse.

Private Blockchain development: This is another service which is highly demanded. People can create their own blockchain systems using the HorsX technology.

Decentralized App development:  Interested individuals and entities can use its technology to develop decentralized applications (dApps).

DeFi development:  There are many aspects covered here. Crypto projects can develo their tokens and wallets using HorsX technology. They can also develop staking, lottery and decentralized exchange systems.

Other IT services: HorsX Technology also provides web design and development services as well as software development.

We have briefly discussed some products which HorsX technology is providing. This is important for you to find out how focused the project team is. Currently, HorsX Technology is in the presale ICO phase. There are many benefits for people who get onboard now. Here are some of the benefits.

Airdrop: Currently, the HorsX airdrop program is running, with each person able to get 50 HRX tokens. By the way, HRX is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The process to get the tokens is very simple. You have to complete this AirDrop Form.

Trip to Dubai: The 5 top HRX holders will have a fully sponsored trip to Dubai. Depending on where you are located now, this is a very good benefit for those who trust in HorsX technology. The trip will be there after the end of the presale, in January 2022. As you can see, this will take place very soon.

Daily giveaways: This is something to look up to. Every day, two top HRX holders will share $25. The top holder will get $15 while the second placed one will get $10.

Presale rewards: There are great incentives to those who buy HRX during the presale phase. If you buy 1 000 HRX, you will get 5% extra tokens. If you buy 2 000 HRX, you will get 12% extra, yet, if you buy 5 000 you will get 20% extra tokens.

Referral system: In addition to the above rewards and benefits, there is the referral system, where you earn 3% of the amount which the invitee would have purchased.


There is no doubt that HorsX technology is a worthwhile investment destination. Currently, the terms are quite good. 


HorsX still has a growing community based on Telegram, Facebook and Twitter.  You are free to join these social platforms.  You can also visit the website and access the whitepaper.





Airdrop Form: HorsX Technology Airdrop