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Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Power of Words

Human beings are influenced about what they hear. What we hear from other people influences our thinking patterns and decisions. That is why it is best to stop associating with people who think negatively and talk negatively. What we also say affects us in many ways. Self-talks have their own influence on us. So we have to watch out every word that we speak.

The words we say either to ourselves or to others sow seeds of what we will think and do in the future. A person starts to believe what he/she says.  The more you keep on saying something the more it becomes part of you and the more it determines your actions.

Therefore, you can influence what you do, either negatively or positively. If you constantly talk things that are negative your end up behaving negatively. If you constantly talks positively you end up doing things that are positive. Therefore, it is best to speak positively about yourself and your plans. You also need to watch the things that you say even when you are joking. This is so because the things we speak will sink into us and will mold our subconscious minds.

If you want to achieve great things, speak positively of your dreams. You need to speak from your heart and you will definitely create positive vibrations. Confess to others the desires of your heart and be positive that you will achieve these. Words have great power- the power to build or to destroy. Many people get into self-destruction because of what they say. Do not speak doubt of the things you wish to achieve. The ether will pick these up and you will not make it.

Therefore, it is best to listen to the words that we speak to other people. These words influence our thinking patterns. Let us keep being positive. Let us speak positively and we make it in life. In most case people create fear by what they keep on saying. As you know fear paralyses everything. It paralyses hope and faith, and dampen our spirit and motivation. It sucks away our energy, hence we may never achieve what we want.
Our words have power. We can create abundance or poverty through our words. We therefore should learn to watch, control and amend our thoughts. We should therefore rectify and control what we say. To achieve our dreams, how big they may be we need to confess our desires by our mouths.

Action Plan:
Things that I always speak negatively:

My dreams
Write your greatest desires:

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Each person can recreate his/her reality. Reality here means the things that you want to happen in your life. What type of house you want to live in, what vehicle you want and the type of relationship you may need to create with your spouse or children. I term this recreating your life.

Recreation here means changing the conditions that you find yourself to the conditions you would like to be in. This includes changing from things you dislike to things that you like. You have to change the things you do not like, otherwise no one else will change these for you.
The basis for this change is on the principle that everything recreates something similar to it. Good desire attracts good things into your life. This happens without compulsion, what is necessary is to create the right environment that produce what you wish for.

To recreate what you want you first to know what you really want, the desires of your heart and mind. What is that which you really want to happen to you?  Be clear with everything that you want- your car, the house, the food and whatever you desire. You need to be specific of what you want. For example, if it’s about a house you desire, describe it in finer details, the color of the house, number of rooms, the dimensions, what should be in each room, who should occupy each room and everything else.

Your specific desire will create a driving force in you to move ahead and get what you want. You may need to speak out your desires with your confidant such as your spouse, your friends and other relatives. Work on strengthening your desire on a regular pre-planned times. Most people strengthen their desires through visualization. Visualize your dream the first thing when your rise from bed. You can also visualize your dream the last thing before your sleep. This helps the picture of what you want to get into your subconscious mind.

Once you set toward your goal, become unstoppable. Do not come up with excuses of why you cannot achieve your dream. Often many people spend most of their time complaining about what they do not want. They may complain about the government, the workplace, the situation at church, about their spouses and even children. Constant creation of such scenarios will breed similar bad conditions in your life. You perpetuate what you do not want.
This gives an understanding of what you want to create into your life. Take time to recreate your future.

Benefits of Collective Intelligence

Life is a learning process. When we meet and interact with people we learn some new things. At times we need to question some things that we come across. Through such enquiry we learn a lot. That is how I learnt about collective intelligence.  Constantly coming across this term in empowr blogs aroused my interest to find more about this and conceptualize how to benefit from collective intelligence. When I reflect on the African experience, the concept of Ubuntu which shows the africaness of Africans show how collective intelligence has affected human beings from the long past.

The simple definition of collective intelligence is the intelligence that arises from the collective efforts of a group of people who have a great and undying interest to do something. Remember it is only collective intelligence if it is positive and beneficial. If the collective efforts of people is not beneficial then it should be called collective stupidity, as one professor at MIT calls it. One example of collective intelligence often quoted is that of the Wikipedia, where people from diverse backgrounds contribute to a body of knowledge on one platform. Empowr is now an example of collective intelligence, as much as other online forums and communities be it on WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and many other communities. These fora all depends on the collective efforts, collaboration and competition arising from the coming together of many people, who have a common cause. In some cases collective intelligence is harnessed through votes and polls as well as open discussions and negotiations. There are so many options depending on who you are and what you want to achieve.
The concept of collective intelligence emerged long back during the time of Napoleon Hill. Napoleon Hill, through his much publicized book Think and Grow Rich, identified a mastermind group as a driver to achieve the collective business goals of people. Many people implemented the mastermind group concept, and this led to America becoming the number one economy in the world. Michael Hyatt says, “Few things can accelerate you toward your goals faster than participating in a mastermind,” group. The good thing is that masterminds groups these days are not formed of people who want to meet in a house. People can now meet on Skype, Facebook, hangout and many other social and business groups. Anyone can now search on the internet and find the mastermind group he/she wants, join, participate and prosper. You need to harness the power of collective intelligence.

Simple Meditation Method

If you have not read the first part of this write up then, go back and read it. The other part is Benefits of Meditation. You will appreciate the reason for meditating. Now let me explain what meditation is. Meditation is a type of concentration on one thing. The aim is to shut out any other thoughts, and concentrate on your sensation or a chosen object.

Now let me explain how meditation works. First of all, you need to pay attention to your posture. There are many philosophies on how your posture should be life. Some say you should sit with cross legs. Others say sit on a mat. Some say that you can meditate in any position. But my take is that the type of posture you take depends on the type of meditation you are doing. However, there is one particular thing you should always do when meditating. You spine should be straight. If you are seated let your back be straight. If lying down let your back be straight. Of course for most of my meditation I will be lying down, while facing up wards. My spine will be straight- the back erect.
Then the next question is when to meditate. You can meditate at any time. In the morning, during the day or in the evening. However, choose a definite time to meditate. You can meditate three times a day, but this is not a rule; that is what I do. I meditate the first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. I meditate during my lunch break at work, around half one in the afternoon. Then I also meditate around 20.00 hours.

There are many versions of meditation. I have tried so many. However, at times I alternate them. But the result is the same, no matter what type of meditation you do. All that you need to do is to do it in the right way.
Today I give you one method and I will add more methods in the future. Sit with your back straight or lie with your back straight. Now concentrate on your breathing. Ensure that you breathe from the stomach. Pull in the air, counting from one to ten. Make sure that your mouth is completely closed. Then breathe out through the mouth, counting one to ten. If you find ten counts to be many, then start from five. That should be comfortable for a beginner. Now focus on your breathing process. Feel how the air is getting in through the nose and how you feel your stomach rising up, filled up. Then focus again on how you release the air through your mouth. Trace how you slowly breathe out. Continue doing that for any length of time you choose. As you continue to breathe also focus on how you are feeling- the various sensations. You may feel throbs in your veins, particularly around your neck. For a newbie is best to start with about ten minutes of meditation in a day and increase as you go up.

Like I say, there are many types of meditation. However, I like the focus on breathing one, because it helps to increase the supply of air in your body. Look around in the future for more information on meditation.

Why Meditating

Meditation is one of the gifts of God to mankind. Meditation is life enriching. This article is about the importance of meditation. But do not give up when you see that I seem to talk other things. I wish to give you an outline of how I got into meditation.

I faced life difficulties for many years. These difficulties originated from my family. When I married I got even more problems. I later became depressed. I struggled with depression for 15 years and I had almost given up on life. Each day I yearned for death, but because of my Christian background I could not commit suicide. Suicide in God’s eyes is evil. Committing suicide is taking life and life is sanctity. So I struggled on. I used to cry day in and day out. During my self-improvement programme I learnt about meditation but I was not sure of how to conduct it. So one day I was in town and I saw a sign calling people to attend meditation classes. I was tempted to try it. The meditation was conducted by foreigners, but I trusted them. I attended meditation classes for two months. I stopped meditation classes because they were very expensive. However, I continued to practice it. After three months, I started to get changes in my life. Previously I used to sleep for less than 4 hours a day. I would then sleep for more than four hours. I was motivated and carried on. As I continued my sleeping time increased. Now after two years of meditation I can sleep for more than 8 hours. I am happy because 8 hours is the least encouraged time to sleep. More results came into my life. I used be irritated and easily fight with people. Then I started to be calmer and empathized with other people. I have enjoyed a lot up to now.

Now let me give you more benefits of meditation:
Meditation is a cure for insomnia. Insomnia simply means difficulties in sleeping.
It reduces stress. Every day we have a lot of busy schedules. We have hectic lives. So stress builds up within us. By meditation we reduce stress levels each and every day. And this has a cumulative effect.
Meditation reverses depression. I was in the suicidal mode of depression, but now I am stress free. I am depression free.
It helps to emotionally stabilize someone. I am very calm these days. Something I never did in the past.

With meditation you spend much of your time in the present, not the past nor the future. This has the ability to reverse health conditions related to stress and depression.
Meditation creates meaning and hope in your life. When you see the power of meditation you see the power of God.

The time you spend in meditation you feel a wonderful sensation beyond explanation. How can you explain the sensation you have during a romantic session? So how can I be able to explain how you feel during meditation? That is magical and I believe it is God’s gift to mankind. We have to learn meditation to enjoy it. But I can’t explain the sensation so wonderful you get into. However, you have that sensation if you can now meditate effectively.
The above are the benefits of meditation I can confirm, from my own personal experience.
  • I have heard of many other benefits, but I cannot testify these myself.
  • It is said that meditation helps in the following others ways:
  • It helps someone to increase the concentration span.
  • It helps in reducing the aging process.
  • And it boosts the immune system.

Now the ball is in your own court to learn more about meditation. In one of my blogs I will show you how to meditate, in very simplified manner. Enjoy your day and meditate on the importance of meditation.