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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Breaking into the Decenturion Family of writers

I wish to help those who have accepted and shared the vision and mission of Decenturion. Basically, Decenturion is the first decentralised state, unlimited by geographical space. This means anyone, anywhere can become its citizens.

But the scope of this discussion is how someone can be part of its writing community. The writing community is made up of all writers attached to Decenturion, for the purpose of spreading the word about its vision and mission.

Working Tools

Any writing job requires a few tools to succeed. To work successfully at Decenturion you require to have a computer and internet access. This because you need to publish articles and videos on the internet on various sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus, among others. With Decenturion, one of our official platforms is a telegram. We use telegram groups and channels to communicate with each other. We also carry out our training using these telegram tools.

Communication media

 As a writer, you need the media to pass the information. With Decenturion, you can post articles on various media platform, which include Facebook groups, Instagram, GooglePlus, blogs, websites and Youtube. You need not be savvy in these platforms. All that you need is working knowledge of the sites as well as having working sites. The sites should have business-related content. You can peruse through other articles on this blog.


Apart from having the tools, you need the skills. You do better if you are able to write business articles. Having affiliate marketing skills will make you successful at Decenturion. You will need to market your website in order to attract more traffic. YouTube, in particular, requires marketing skills as you are paid based on the number of views the videos receive within the month. Ability to research is important since you will be writing different articles.  Your site will not be all about Decenturion. You will include many other business-related topics to maintain a large readership. Time management and planning skills are important.

Qualities and attitude

Writers at Decenturion should have other skills required in writing such as the ability to proofread and translate articles. Writers are also known for being avid readers, hard workers, resilient and persistent. A person who easily gives in cannot succeed in writing.Teachability is one such attribute one should have. Remember we are jumping into a new water body. You have to learn additional skills, including online communication skills. 

This discussion is not meant to scare anyone, but to inspire and motivate. After all, challenges are part of the business and writing journey. The ability to overcome challenges is a hallmark of an entrepreneur and a winner. After all, you work with other experienced writers to guide you. You will have coaches and mentors. If you still maintain interest, please visit the following LinkedIn page for the way forward. You will find the necessary contact details. You will do well by joining the LinkedIn group as well to get ongoing updates.

Contact Details etc

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