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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Best Centralized Crypto Exchange Referral Programs


There are various referral programs that pay much money. However, not all referral programs are good and you have to choose the best programs. For many years I never earned much money from referral and ambassador programs. However, after I discovered the best combination of referral programs I started to earn reasonable amount of money. This article covers how you can earn big from referral programs.

First, you should not rely on one referral program. Instead promote several referral programs which are related. I have been promoting crypto exchanges over the years and I earn a handsome amount. I promote PrimeXBT, Binance, and CIFDAQ. CIFDAQ is a recently launched project with a lot of prospect. But currently, I am not earning from it. I am earning from the other exchanges. As you can tell, these are some of the top crypto exchanges on the marketing. So, working with them is lucrative. And the good part is that they always honour their promises.

I will not explore how you benefit from each of these referral program separately, but let me explain what I think is the best referral program on the market right now. It is’s referral program. Referral program referral program enables you to earn in different ways. That is the reason I say it is the best. What this means is that if you refer someone to you earn from the people you invite in several ways.

Copy trading

If the person you invite trades and does copy trading you earn a percentage of his/her commission. In fact you earn a commission of 60% from the copy trading commission. And remember that most traders trade on a daily basis meaning that you earn every day, if luck enough.

Earning an exchange fee

Our focus on the referral program is to invite traders to the platform. As you know, when people trade they pay a fee to the exchange. You will get a percentage of that fee from the exchange. So, if you invite people who become active traders you will be earning commission on a daily basis. You get the commission from spot trading, futures trading, copy trading, Strategy Bot and Copy Trading platforms.

Copy trading and bot trading

Let me give you a bit of more information on copy trading and bot trading, so you appreciate what we are talking about.

With copy trading anyone can post his/her trades that other people can copy. Such a trader gets a percentage of the profit that the person who copies him/her earns. Usually, it is 5%.

With bot trading, traders can create their own strategies which automatically execute their trades. In this case, they do not copy others but craft what they think are winning formulae. They normally use quantitative tools created to minimize losses and increase profits.

Which is the best referral program? definitely offers the best commission in comparison to what other centralized crypto exchanges have.

However the best strategy is to have the main central exchange referral programs stated below. Click the links and join. Joining using these links also helps me to earn a commission.







Monday, August 8, 2022

Mining BTC at ECOS


[TL; DR]

Mining is the best way to earn BTC, the number one cryptocurrency, by market capitalization.

ECOS is one of the best platforms to mine BTC at affordable rates.

ECOS in the Free Economic Zone in Hrazdan, Armenia.

Mining BTC at ECOS is usually profitable since the government gives it preferential terms as it is in the free economic zone.


Bitcoin mining is one of the most lucrative ventures online. This is because BTC is the number one cryptocurrency by market capitalization. When BTC gets into a bullish momentum, the returns can be highly profitable. As a fact, early this year (2022) bitcoin, unlike any other cryptocurrency, emerged as another asset class which individuals and institutions can invest in. According to Arcane Research, many investors realized the potential of BTC during the Covid-19 era. In this period, many investors transferred their savings from the traditional stock markets to BTC and realized high returns on investment.

By following the events unfolding in 2021 and 2022, you will realize why it is wise to invest in the BTC. Several key events and investments took place during this period. For example, many retail and institutional investors poured their resources into BTC, of all the cryptocurrencies. Notable public firms that invested remarkably in BTC include MicroStrategy, Coinbase Global and Tesla. In addition, El Salvador became the first country to adopt BTC as a legal tender, creating confidence in the sector.

With this in mind, it is clear that investing in BTC is a rewarding venture. And the fact that many institutions are investing in it gives confidence to us all. Of course, the fact that it has remained the number one crypto since 2009 shows the potential in it. Also, in 2021, new bitcoin-connected products came on the market. One of them is the BTC Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Unlike cryptocurrencies, BTC ETFs are traded on traditional financial markets like stocks. Most importantly, ETFs are regulated by many governments. Take, for example, the BTC ETF is allowed in the United States of America despite its hard stance against cryptocurrencies. The ETFs have resulted in investors indirectly investing in the BTC without holding the real bitcoin. Nevertheless, the increase in BTC ETF results in a high demand for bitcoin. This is because the traditional financial markets should hold the BTC before issuing out the BTC-ETFs.

There is another reason leading to the increase in the demand for BTC. It is the use of wrapped cryptocurrencies. A wrapped token is a cryptocurrency whose value depends on another cryptocurrency. In other words, a wrapped token is pegged against the value of another cryptocurrency, meaning that it always has the same value as the underlying coin. In this case, a wrapped BTC token is a cryptocurrency pegged against the value of BTC. There are various examples of wrapped BTC, including (wBTC on ethereum network) and RenBTC. The reason we are mentioning wrapped tokens is that they increase the demand and utility of the BTC. Notably, wrapped tokens exist on non-native blockchains, such as ethereum and Ren blockchain. Wrapping helps to increase the accessibility and interoperability of BTC.

How to invest in BTC

Bitcoin is different from many other cryptocurrencies. Despite being the number one cryptocurrency, you cannot earn it in many ways like other cryptocurrencies. With most of the altcoins, you can stake, yield farm and provide liquidity. However, such opportunities are not common with BTC. The main means of passively earning BTC is through mining. It is important to note that there are two main ways of mining BTC. You can purchase your own equipment or lease the equipment. Many platforms offer cloud mining service, where you lease hashpower, without owning the machinery.

However, the challenge which many people get is to find a reliable and profitable mining platform. And the truth is that there are many platforms where you can mine BTC. Your choice depends on your initial capital and the amount of hashpower you wish to have. Of course, you also look at the returns (ROI), the conditions and reliability of the mining site.

Mining BTC on ECOS

The reason for giving clear background information is to help you understand the opportunities BTC presents and the importance of holding it. The main way of obtaining BTC is through mining. ECOS has many related products and suitable mining and support conditions.

Source: ECOS

ECOS is basically into BTC mining and other related investment portfolios. First, you can purchase BTC mining equipment from ECOS. It also hosts the machinery, enabling you to earn BTC.

Secondly, you can mine BTC without owning the equipment yourself. We call this cloud mining, meaning that you are renting or leasing the mining power, called hash power. We measure the mining power in hashrate, which is the speed at which the equipment is producing bitcoin. The higher the hashrate the more BTC a machine produces. The good thing is that at ECOS, you can get mining leases that are affordable. Some of these cost around $50 per the related period and hash power.

ECOS Products

ECOS has several products that support the mining function. The products include a wallet, exchange, portfolio and cloud mining. We have already touched on cloud mining. The advantage of this cloud mining program is that it has very low commissions and has a support service for 24 hours a day. Its rates are very low because the ECOS Mining Centre is located within the Armenian Economic Zone, with various business privileges and low expenses. For example, there are 0% income taxes and 0% import and export tariffs. In return, ECOS gives relatively high returns to investors.


There is a mobile wallet you can download from Google Store or Google Play. Through this wallet, you can monitor your earnings, check the balance, save USDT, among others. You can also convert your holdings from one cryptocurrency to another.

ECOS Exchange

To support its mining operations, ECOS has a vibrant crypto exchange on its platform or mobile application. The exchange supports over 245 top cryptocurrencies. The advantage of ECOS exchange is the high level of security. Further to this, advanced protection systems protect ECOS and your investments.


Individuals and institutions that want to own their own mining equipment can purchase them at ECOS through the ASIC shop.

What is ECOS?

After discussing so many things, you need to know exactly what ECOS is. ECOS is a bitcoin mining organization based in Armenia. Established in 2017, ECOS has its mining center in the Free Economic Zone in Hrazdan. As such, the company is registered in Armenia. Another important thing is that the Armenian government supports ECOS since it exists in the free economic zone.

How to mine at ECOS

It is very simple to mine the “digital gold”- BTC at ECOS. The first stage is to open an ECOS account. From there, you can purchase your mining lease and start earning BTC.

Open your account here.

For additional support and questions, join the Telegram Channel

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Uses of Gata Token

Most probably, you know about the Gata Protocol which is a decentralized autonomous social economy with its own token called GATA. As the parental token of the GATA Protocol, The GATA token enhances several functions which include launchpad, staking, loans, yield farming, partnerships and alliances, CSR initiatives and many more. Now, we want everyone to understand the GATA token. In order to understand the attributes of the GATA token we need to differentiate between a token and coin.

Differences between a token and a coin

The major difference between the two is that a coin exists on an independent or standalone blockchain while a token lives on another blockchain. Examples of coins are bitcoin and ether (ETH) which exist on their blockchains or networks. For instance, the developer of Ether created the ethereum blockchain to offer services backed by ETH.

 However, with the passage of time some people created decentralized applications on the ethereum blockchain which have their own cryptocurrencies we call tokens. Basic Attention Token and Loopring are cryptocurrencies that exist on the Ethereum network, hence they are token. As a matter of fact, all the cryptocurrencies that exist on the Ethereum network, other than ETH, are tokens. This is because only ETH is a coin on the ethereum network. 

So, in a nutshell, a token is an application specific cryptocurrency which enables various functions such as investment, store of value or medium of exchange. Specific tokens called utility tokens are used as internal units of payment for an application or protocol.  As an instance, the GATA token is the utility token of the GATA Protocol, meaning that it powers its various functions such as yield farming. 

The case of $GATA can further qualify what a token is. This is because it exists on the Aurora blockchain which hosts many tokens. 

Ways to earn tokens for free

Did you know that you can earn some tokens for free? Your guess is right. You can earn the tokens through airdrops, playing games as well as learning. The fact that people can earn tokens and coins in a blockchain ecosystem makes us call such platforms economies. For this reason we call GATA a decentralized autonomous social economy. This means that you have the opportunity to either earn the token for free or you invest and get high returns. In this case, at GATA protocol you can invest through yield farming and staking. 

As we speak, the GATA token Presale is live. Investors can buy the token at a discounted rate. Many investors usually get high returns through buying tokens during the presale periods. More information is available on Twitter.

Airdrops: Currently, everyone has the chance to earn the $GATA tokens for free through participating in social tasks such as following GATA Protocol on its social media platforms. You can also share the required posts while tagging your friends. 

Play games and earn: People can participate in GameFi, which are play-to-earn games. With the evolving of the metaverse, people can play games on their PCs, Android devices and iOS and earn in-game assets which they can convert into cash. 

Learn and Earn: This sounds interesting. Yes, you have the chance to carry out learning tasks on the internet and earn some tokens upon their completion. Unlike the conventional learning platforms, in DeFi you can take a course without paying any money, yet in return earn some tokens. The GATA Protocol has its own learning platform called GATA College. Here, you can earn non-fungible certificates upon completion. 


In summary, we have answered two basic questions: How to use GATA Tokens? What is the difference between a coin and token? Now, you know how to use the GATA token. You can speculate on GATA. You can stake and earn high rewards.  And you can invest in the token through the current Presale and later through yield farming. In fact, there are several high earning opportunities. 

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More information

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Gata Protocol Token Giveaways

Gata Protocol Seed Sale Announcement

 Gata Protocol Seed Sale is live.


Price- $0.00025


Time- 11th April (First round of presale commences).


Amount= 80,000,000.


Who we are!

Gata Protocol is a Decentralized Autonomous Social Economy that aims to create an ecosystem of social wealth through DeFi products launched on the Aurora blockchain while creating a wider blockchain use case scenarios through dApps with Global CSR initiatives at heart.

Here's a chance to WIN BIG with the purchase of $GATA which gives you enormous opportunities as a member of its DAO/DASE.

With the $GATA, you can make huge profits through its wealth creation schemes on its DeFi which include staking, lending/borrowing, flash loans, yield farming, liquidity pools, etc. As a member of the GATA community, you are involved in its sharing of ideas to actualize a community that solves actual human problems with global CSR initiatives in mind.


Seed Sale Details

Token name_ $GATA

Seed Sale allocation_ 80,000,000

Seed Sale price_ $0.00025

Minimum buy- $20 (we are accepting USDT, USDC, BUSD)


Private Sale A

Token supply- 100,000,000

Price- $0.00085



Private Sale B

Token supply- 145,000,000


Price- $0.0028


Token max supply- 5 billion

Total seed sale token- 80 million

Capital to raise- $20,000


How to buy GATA token

 _ Send the amount in USDT, USDC or BUSD to Gata Wallet Address (0x713c89A5f2Ed863DFE0Fb8fa7140da823859078c)

 Gata wallet is opened on Binance, Polygon, and Ethereum & Aurora.


Join our communities for more information








Get more information about Gata Protocol







Friday, April 1, 2022


 GATA Protocol is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) whose motive is to solve many existing problems which people face such as sickness and lack of knowledge, utilizing the blockchain technology. It solves these problems through the development of decentralized applications and projects which enhance the exchange of value among people.

Source: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

The nature of the GATA Token

The GATA Protocol has its token, the $GATA which powers the entire ecosystem. GATA token is unique in that it drives a special project which will solve key problems  human beings face. For instance, it will be important in the healthcare sector, powering the dissemination of vital information.

As we may anticipate, a cryptocurrency which functions in such a way should be valuable and secure as well. Therefore, there is strong technical infrastructure that supports the GATA token. Now, we want to evaluate it in terms of the standards used to assess cryptocurrencies. In practical terms, a strong cryptocurrency should meet certain criteria.

Security: We agree that one of the key characteristics of a cryptocurrency is high security. First, currently GATA is on MetaMask, which is a very secure web wallet by all standards. Over the years in which we have used Metamask, we can ascertain that there have been very few security breaches, if any. Therefore, the fact that GATA is on Metamask is a sure sign of how the team values the security of the token and the protocol in general.

Like other coins, GATA has no intervention from central authorities such as the government which can manipulate its value. Thus the token is free from any forms of corruption and shod dealings.

Scalability: One of the essential attributes of a scalable network or project is the speed of its transaction. In this regard, the GATA Protocol is super fast resulting in many transactions per second. The protocol is ready to scale up the number of transactions as many people use it.

Solving problems: According to analysts, one of the greatest attributes of a token is its ability to solve human problems. And this is what exactly the GATA token stands for. It is useful in driving projects and applications developed to solve real life problems which people are facing.   For example, GATA College is there to equip people with modern day skills such as the use of the blockchain.

Usability: It is true that a good cryptocurrency should be easy to use. If it is not easy to use, only a few people will use it. Similarly, the GATA Protocol will be a user-friendly system, which the educated and the less-educated people are able to use.

Demand: We anticipate that the demand for the GATA token will influence its price in line with the behaviours of all other cryptocurrencies. Being a utility token that supports various projects, we expect that its price will increase significantly over a period.

Limited supply: Like other tokens, GATA has a limited supply of 5,000,000,000. This is different from central banks which print more money. More importantly, the GATA Protocol will burn 40% of the token over the next five years, something which will boost its value.

Stable transaction fee: Good tokens will not require users to pay higher fees in order to jump the transaction queue. In a similar manner, GATA has a stable fee despite the increase in the trading volume.


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Summing it up, the GATA token conforms to most of the best requirements of a good cryptocurrency. By nature of its existence on the Aurora blockchain, GATA has a stable and low fee as well as high throughput.  Currently, people are participating in the GATA token airdrop. To participate one has to visit the airdrop bot,




Gata Protocol has the following communities: