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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Doracake swap

 What is Doracakeswap?

Doracake swap is the next generation of exchange based on the Binance Smart Contract (BSC). It has some modern features of any exchange including:  use of liquidity pool protocol to determine prices of the assets. We do not use order books to set prices of the various tokens and coins.

Instant swap: The exchange executes trades between the wallets of users instantly. Significantly, the platform supports trades between various BEP20 tokens.

Development and roadmap

There is much in store for you as our project develops. This is because there are many opportunities to invest securely and earn passively.

The main development agenda, as denoted in our road map include the following, some of which have already been accomplished.

  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko,
  • Listing on Pancakeswap
  • Creating our own Swap
  • Developing our own exchange,
  • Airdrop program.

As, you can see, these will bring value to our growing community.

Why have we opted for the Binance Smart Contract?

This is a question that many people have asked us. However, if you are an ardent follower of crypto developments you will appreciate the fact that Binance Smart Contract is probably the best blockchain in existence now.

  • First Binance Coin (BNB) which supports the smart contract is within the top 5 best cryptocurrencies, by market cap.
  • Also, the Binance exchange has probably the highest trading volume you can think of.
  • Thirdly, the transaction fees on the Binance Smart Contract is very low, creating value for our users.

What unique feature will Doracake swap bring to the market?

Probably the most significant contribution is convenience. People will be able to use our mobile application. As a result, anyone, anywhere else on earth, with a smart phone and internet can use our services.

Investment opportunities

There is much on the cards for our users.  These include:

  • Doracake Farming
  • Doracake Pool
  • Staking

Existing products

  • Doracake Swap has various products.
  • Doracakeswap multi wallet
  • Buy crypto with credit card
  • De-fi DEX
  • NFT Token
  • Governance token


Currently our staking program is on-going. You can stake Doracake and earn a return of up to 120% (APY).

All you need to do is to connect your Metamask wallet to our platform and command the staking option.

Unlike other staking program, you can stake any amount you have and benefit from that.


We have a growing community. You are free to join one or all of them.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Why is the Elven coin unique?

There is no doubt that the Elven coin is unique in many respects. That is why we share this important information with others.

The truth is that the Elven coin has good fundamentals. We are talking of the factors which make its value stable with a possibility to drive its price up.

First, the Elven coin is supported by quality products and services. For instance, it has its own social media platform called Poziturbo. It also has an advertising platform known as   ElvenLand. On top of this, it has a platform where people create and sell unique content and technologies that help in content creation. This platform is called

Many people may claim that they have heard this before. Yes, you are right. The reason for repeating this here is to put the whole discussion in the right perspective.  Now, let’s go to the “meat” of the story.

Elven is supported by other cryptocurrencies

For real, the Elven coin is supported by four other cryptocurrencies. The focus of these other cryptocurrencies is to stabilize it. These cryptocurrencies are pegged against the Elven coin. For instance, Lerta is pegged at a ratio of 1 as to 5 (1:5).

Each of the supporting coins or tokens has a unique function. But in all, they are there to anchor the value of the Elven coin. Here is a summary of the cryptocurrencies.

Lerta is a token created to promote content creation. Here, we refer to the educational content for teaching people about cryptocurrencies and investments. It is used to reward content creators.

Elven10: This is a special coin which you only earn for participating in our social platform called Poziturbo. How do you do that? It’s not difficult at all. You simply create a group at, and keep it active. In the end, you earn a monthly reward in the form of the Elven10 coin.

Cryst: This is our special cryptocurrency, also called “positive crystals. People can buy them, earn them at ElvenLand and get them from our magic field. To do this, you need to take part in regular draws of chests with magic crystals on ElvenLand.

Fourth supporting coin: We are not going to reveal the real name of this coin as it is under development. However it will be used for the purpose of buying real estate only. Again, for now we shall not give much detail.

Role of the four supporting coins

The supporting coins will increase the value of the Elven coin.  Whereas some of these coins will be purchased on exchanges, some will not be bought there. They are internal tokens and only used by members.

In essence, these four coins will increase the trading volume of Elven coin, thereby increasing its value. The other coins will act in the same manner as fiscal policy, used to stabilise the main coin, the Elven.

To be frank, this is an innovation of its kind. No wonder why you should get interested in this coin, Elven.


The Elven coin, built on the Tron blockchain has unique fundamentals to stabilise and maintain an upward price momentum. Most of the said coins are built on the Tron blockchain. The hope is that as the value of TRX increases, so do that of these interrelated tokens.

Our community

We have a growing community. Please feel free to join one or all of them.


Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Who is Mashell Chapeyama

 MASHELL CHAPEYAMA: Crypto Writer, Researcher, Community Manager, and Crypto Project Executive Member. 

Address: 4970, St Kelvin, Chipinge, Zimbabwe.

Phone: +263 774 105 489








· Article writing

· Crypto community management

· Project management

· Strategic planning and management

· Crypto trading

· Crypto research and analysis

· Advisory service

Personal development/ training/qualifications


Current studies

·    Master of Business Administration (university of the People)


Previous studies


·      B Sc. Business Administration (University of the People)

·      Diploma in Education ( Masvingo teachers College)

·      Diploma in Principles of Modern Management (CPM)

·      Diploma in Business Administration (CPM)

·      Diploma in Business Economics and commerce (CPM)

·      Diploma in Accounting and Business (CPM)

·      Higher Diploma in Human Resources Management (IPMZ)

·      Diploma in Personnel Management (IPMZ)

·      Diploma in Labour Relations (IPMZ)

. Certificate of Competency as a Published Writer (WB- UK)

. Diploma in Journalism (Intec College- SA)



Levelnaut (2018 - Present). CEO-Public Relations


·      Creates Spreadsheets for writers' scheduled activities.

·      Writes Press Releases for crypto projects.

·      Manages social media- Twitter Twitter, Facebook)

·      Writes articles

 Web Token Profit (2019 - Present) Translator, Community Manager


·      Translates articles from English to Shona

·      Managing telegram and Facebook communities (2021 - present) Writer 

·      Writes articles about DeFi projects on the BSC network

Forsage (2018 – 2021) writer

·      Writes articles and posts on Medium and Forsage Community Website (2021 - present) writer.

·      Writes articles about DeFi and crypto trading (2015 – 2018)   

·  Success coach and community manager.

· Wrote article promoting the company.  

Non-crypto work experience


Higher life Foundation

Position: Content Developer (2016-2019)

Platform:  (

Period: April 2016 to date


·      Developing learning material - Commercial subjects

·      Carrying out research in Business Studies and Economics

·      Reviewing content developed by other people

·      Editing Business Studies and Economics content

Chipinge Banana Company -HR Manager (May 2008 to March 2015)

Duties and responsibilities

·      Managed all industrial and human relations at the company

·      Formulated and implemented Hr policies and procedures

·      Planned and implemented different Hr programs & projects.

·      Interpreted and communicated labor laws and regulations.

·      Coordinated the recruitment, selection of employees

·      Instituted training and development programs


Eastern Highlands Bricks andTiles- Human Resources OFFICER (August 2007 to April 2008)

Duties and responsibilities

·      carried out recruitment and selection of employees

·      managed and monitored industrial relations issues

·      carried out training and development of employees

·      coordinated performance management

·      administered wages and salaries

My Author profiles.


·      Forsage:

·      Publish0X:

·      Medium:

·      Reddit:

·      Personal website:

·      Personal website:


NB: I also contribute to various crypto websites.

Other social media platforms

Additional Information:   

I am a writer, a researcher and blogger, and educationist- with a burning interest in cryptocurrency and the blockchain as they have the greatest potential to change people's lives, globally. I have more than 20 years of professional writing and over 7 years working in the blockchain sector. I attended Forsage International Writer’s course. I am now currently devoted to cryptocurrency and blockchain related occupation.

I am someone with a great zeal to learn and teachable. Equally too, I am creative, hardworking and collaborative in approach.


NewsCrypto Makes Inroads into the crypto space

 NewsCrypto is not only making headlines for innovations and developments, but is making it big in other ways such as community management, exchange listing and partnerships. Incidentally, these are the most critical components in the adoption of a specific cryptocurrency, in this case NWC.

Interestingly, NewsCrypto is not just focusing one aspect, it is being holistic in approach. Why do we say it’s being holistic?

Exchange listing

Thousands of traders around the world benefit from its top range products and services.

There is no doubt that many crypto lovers and NewsCrypto members in particular celebrate the expected top crypto exchange where the NWC token is to be listed in the very near future. Why would we say, it is a top exchange when we do not say exactly which one is it?

It is one of the top 10 exchanges, making it a renowned one. And, this also guarantees that NWC is a great token, now listed on over six exchanges.

Currently, NWC It is listed on several reliable centralized and decentralised exchanges which include:



Big One


Dcoin TC/



Innovation and development: NewsCrypto is a leading innovator in the trading sector in terms of spreading information that promotes successful trading. Above this, from time to time, it comes with modern and timely tools which traders want, such as the heatmap and price prediction tools. For example, as many people struggle to know the price directions of major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, its community members are benefitting from timely market trend information.

Partnerships: Successful crypto companies partner with individuals and organizations that help them to meet their visions. That is exactly what NewsCrypto is doing. It is strategically well-positioned through partnerships with organizations with the same thrust and focus on providing secure trading information and tools.

For NewsCrypto, it is not just a matter or partnerships, but alliances that bring lasting value to the community and its members. Among the notable partnerships are Travala, PirateChain, MorpheusLabs, CipherBlae and LoyalBet. However, NewsCrypto is working flat out to forge more partnerships in its quest to become a leading global crypto organization.

Product on demand

The truth is that partnerships on their own do not create value for the members. That is why it is availing a large product range to meet the evolving needs of crypto traders worldwide. But why focused on crypto trading?

There is no doubt that crypto trading is one of the most popular ways in which people earn money online. Despite the risks involved many people venture into trading of assets including cryptocurrencies. As a result, NewsCrypto is poised for remarkable growth as it has the support of many users.

Community development: NewsCrypto has structures which attract people to join its projects. So far it has communities in various countries including






Global (English)

If you visit any of these communities, you will realize the zest in them and their continuous growth.

Why would you be interested in NWC token?

NWC is a deflationary token. This means that is circulating supply decreases with time, hedging the token against inflation. As a result, its value continue to increase. Thus, investing in NWC results in profit in the long run.

One way of investing in this project is through staking the token, where you get a return of between 3% and 25% per annum. That is not bad. Is it?


The developments at NewsCrypto shows one attribute- servant leadership. The team listens to the wishes of its community and strives to provide the best for them. The unveiling of the new partnerships and the latest listing, to be made public soon, shows a growth trajectory the company is pursuing.

Visit its website for more informationNewsCrypto

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Ways to earn Elven Magic Coins

 The term magic coins may be intimidating to others, yet attractive to some. This is because there are many people in the world who believe in magic. However, the term Magic Coins does not necessary refers to coins that are connected to mystical power.

The coins are magic in the sense that they give hope to people who want to earn cryptocurrencies online. And these magic coins are minted by Levelnaut, a company poised to make a big impact on the crypto stage.

In fact, Levelnaut presents an opportunity for people to earn cryptocurrencies into the future using their knowledge and effort. It values the participation of its community. We will discuss the three magic coins we have and how you can earn them for your community participation.

Four interrelated coins

The Elven economy has four coins or tokens, call them. Each type of token has a specific purpose in the Elven Economy. By the way we call it Elven economy, basing on our main token the Elven coin. The Elven coin is built on the tron blockchain and is already listed on justswap. Since many people know about this token, we will not talk much about it.

We can only reiterate how you can get it and benefit from it.

You can provide liquidity on justswap and earn from the transaction fee.

Here is the link. Elven coin is paired with Tron:


Virtual land

For you to better understand the magic coins, you should learn about the magic land called ElvenLand, where all residents will earn three magic coins - Elven10, Lerta and Cryst.

These three tokens are created to support the main coin, the Elven.

People cannot earn the Elven coin, they buy it. However, our community members will earn the other three coins- Elven10, Lerta and Cryst- through their participation and loyalty.

In fact, these coins are also called loyalty tokens, as people earn them for cooperating and working with the Elven Economy.

The good thing is that people can exchange these three magic coins with Elven coin and cash out, like any other cryptocurrency.

Elven10: This is a special coin which you only earn for participating in our social platform called Poziturbo. How do you do that? It’s not difficult at all. You simply create a group at, and keep it active. In the end, you earn a monthly reward in form of the Elven10 coin.

Lerta: People earn Lerta for educating others about cryptocurrencies, Elven coin and the Levelnaut economy. Since, it is listed at justswap, people can also buy it.

However, one of the most interesting ways to earn this coin is to sell your own instructions, explanations, manuals, technologies, etc on our platform So you earn from creating content.

 Cryst: This is our special cryptocurrency, also called “positive crystals. People can buy them, earn them at ElvenLand and get them from our magic field. To do this, you need to take part in regular draws of chests with magic crystals on ElvenLand.

Guys, welcome to magic land and magic coins.


 In order for you to get additional information about this grandiose project, join any of our social media platforms.