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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Mining City: A Profitable Cloud Mining Platform

 Cloud mining is a system where people rent cryptocurrency mining power called hash power. They do not need any equipment to install or use.

Once someone has paid the required amount he/she earns every minute depending on the hash power purchased. Apart from trading, this is the main way in which people earn online.

Mining City

This is one of the most profitable mining company. The only problem you face is the minimum amount to deposit. You should buy a mining contract worth $300. You pay for the package using bitcoins.

Mining city has a very good built in function. Each time when you earn your bitcoins, a certain percentage goes directly to your wallet, while another one goes towards reinvestment. So you automatically repurchase some shares which increases your earning capacity

However, if you have the minimum required I recommend this site because you earn more in a short space of time.

To register click on: Mining City

Other cloud mining sites

There are different reputable cryptocurrency mining sites. However, I only talk of those I deal with because I know that they are genuine and profitable.


Ecos mining, based in Armenia is thought to be the best cryptocurrency mining company in the world. It is equally safe since it is backed by the government of Armenia.

So, for you to start you pay the required money. You can pay in bitcoin, ETH, XRP or any other cryptocurrency. The amount you pay depends on the period you select and the hash power. The cheapest package costs $49 per three months.

Your earnings go directly into your account wallet and you are free to withdraw it any minute you want.

This company has a referral system. This means that you earn from the pay-outs of the people you invite.

To register click on: ECOS

Crypto accelerator

This is one of the most reliable company I have worked with for years now. However, you only mine a cryptocurrency called WEC, which belongs to Web Token Profit.

The returns are guaranteed. You accrue them every day and can withdraw them at any time you want, as long as the earnings are more than 1 WEC.

You do not get afraid about how to get the money. You can convert your WEC to any other cryptocurrency at exchanges such as Coin Galaxy and BTC-Alpha.

The reasons why I like Crypto Accelerator is because you can start mining with as little amount as $40.

Register now: Crypto Accelerator

Referral Systems

All the above companies have referral systems. This means if you invite people to join, you will get a percentage of the amount they earn. I always work with organisations that have referral systems because you get additional income.

Like I said, the best way to earn cryptocurrencies is through Mining and trading.

For details on the top trading sites read this article:

Morpher Trading Platform

Morpher is a great trading platform.

Currently, you can start trading without using your money through its airdrop program.

When you register, you get $100 worth of their coin MPH, which you trade with.

You can convert the coins to BTC or ETH or any other cryptocurrency.

If you refer someone to join, you get MPH worth $3.

To start trading for free and earn real money click:  Morpher

Other trading platforms


PrimeXBT is the platform I am talking about. PrimeXBT is based in Seychelles. You can trade in commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices and forex on the same platform.  If you are a beginner you will benefit from its two platforms- Turbo and Covesting.


This is the easiest platform for complete beginners. You only need $1 to trade. In fact it is not pure trading. You will predict whether the price will go up or down. If you predict well you earn up to 85% of the price increases in relation to the amount you bet with.

You predict the change in prices of your selected cryptocurrency or commodity for the next 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes. You choose the time frame you want. However, you can lose your entire amount $1.00.


With covesting, an experienced trader will trade on your behalf. You choose the person whom you want to trade for you. You do not need to talk to him/her. You simply follow him and assign a certain amount of money to him.

If that trade wins you win too. If he loses you lose too, with the same percentage. There are hundreds of traders you can choose to follow. You can follow up to 25 traders at a time. This means you can assign each of these traders a certain amount of money.

Your win or lose depends on the person you follow. So, even without knowledge of trading you can make huge profit. You do not pay any money to these people. The company pays them a percentage of the trading fees of the people under them.

How does the trader benefit

As I said, the trader gets 20% of the trading fees of the people under him or her. This is a huge sum of money because someone may get thousands of dollars from that, apart from his profit from trading.

So, if you are a successful trader, join PrimeXBT and major big money.


Traders choose from different types of orders, including market order, limit order, stop ,market order, protection order and one-cancels-the other (OCO)

Referral system

PrimeXBT has a very lucrative referral system. It has a four level system.

Direct referrals: 20%

Second level: 15%

Third level: 10%

Fourth Level: 5%

With this system, you will earn good money even if you recruit three successful traders.

Support service

PrimeXBT offers reputable support service. It has a telegram group where you interact with its officials and get help.

Once you join, you are assigned a personal manager who guides you at every step.

It has quality videos to teach you everything.

Its blog is explanative in nature.

Register now: PrimeXBT


This is a trading platform which needs no introduction. It has great bonuses now.

If you start trading you get the bonus.

Deposit Promotion

Up to $620 Bonus for Grab!

Net Deposit (in BTC) during promo period (all deposits – withdrawals)

Deposit ≥ 1.5 BTC get $500 Bonus (in BTC)

Deposit ≥ 0.5 BTC get $300 Bonus (in BTC)

Deposit ≥ 0.1 BTC get $100 Bonus (in BTC)

Deposit ≥ 0.05 BTC get $50 Bonus (in BTC)

Deposit ≥ 0.01 BTC get $15 Bonus (in BTC)

+ $20 Coupon (No Requirement Needed)

+ $100 Bonus / Coupons (Claim from rewards hub)

This promotion is there for a limited time.

To register click on: Bybit

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Coinpot Faucet in Face of Bitcoin Bull Run

A faucet is a site where you earn some few coins per day performing a few tasks. Usually, many faucets allow you to log in and make a claim.

To be frank, I used not to like faucets. I joined a few of them and quit because you earn very little per day.

However, I have come across a faucet that is paying well, depending on your effort. This is Coinpot.

Coinpot works with about 6 or so faucets. At times, the number increases or decreases. You can earn various cryptocurrencies. The main ones are Dash, Litecoin, Doge and Bitcoin.

You can claim the coins every five minutes. There are no daily limits for all the faucets. However, if you login in every day your daily earning increases because you get loyalty bonus.

Why Coinpot

Earlier on I said, I did not like faucets, except Coinpot. There is one core reason for this. Coinpot has its own token. Every time you claim at any of its faucets you earn 3 tokens. For instance, if you claim once per every faucet, you earn 18 tokens.

When you have accumulated many tokens you can convert them into any cryptocurrency of your choice, say bitcoins.

As you can see, every time you make a claim you earn through two ways.

Earning from referring others

If you invite other people to join, you will earn a commission, 24% of their total earnings. Imagine you invite 10 people, it means you will earn a reasonable amount.

This opportunity is open to anyone.

The Faucets

You can earn from the following faucets. Just click on each of them and create your account. You will be able to earn thereafter.








When you make a claim from any of these, the earnings go straight to your Coinpot wallet. The most important thing is to become consistent and get your daily bonus.

Remember that the coins which may have low value today, can gain a lot within a short time. For instance experts anticipate that bitcoin shall reach a price of $400 000 or more. So, even a small fraction of a bitcoin, you earn today, will give you a lot of money.

 If you are interested in earning from applications, visit, Earning from Apps



 There are many applications you can earn from. However, I want to focus on two applications you can earn from without much effort, as long as you work online. These two applications are suitable for writers, researchers, students and anyone else who spends much time online.

Brave Browser

As long as you are online whether you are using a smart phone or computer you use a browser. Popular browsers are Firefox and Chrome. However Brave is a great browser. It is fast as it blocks unnecessary pop ups and ads.

Do you know you can earn daily using this browser? All you need to do is install the browser and use it, like chrome and Firefox.

However, you earn when you click the ads that pop up. All these ads are paid for. You earn its cryptocurrency called BAT. Fortunately enough this cryptocurrency is now on exchanges and you can easily sell the coins and get your cash.

You can install the Brave browser on both your computer and smart phone and earn daily while you browse. You do not need to log in daily. The amount you earn depends on how many ads you click.

You do not need to read these ads or take any additional action. No. Not at all. Once you click it open, you are done. After a few seconds you close it.

To join, click this link and download: Brave Browser


This is another application you can use and earn while you surf the internet. You install this application on your Brave Browser, or even Chrome. When you browse using Presearch, you earn. It becomes your default search engine. Every time you search for anything you earn some cryptocurrency called PRE.

To join click on: Presearch

So, as you can see, you earn just for being on internet and surfing. I know that there are many applications which allow people to earn but they require a lot of effort. With Presearch and Brave browser, the only effort you need is to install the applications and create the accounts.

Also, if you invite other people to join using your links, you will earn a percentage of what they earn. The more people join under you, the more you earn.