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Friday, February 1, 2019

Salary Mindset

The way we live is normally influenced by our mindsets. Our mindsets are shaped from the very first day we are born. Any living thing adjusts to its environment. That is exactly what a baby does, from the birth point. We become reflectors of our social and economic environment. This is where social classes emerge. A prince is trained to be a king, a child born of slaves is socialised into his/her ways consistent of slavery.

Now, let us take a moment and reflect on our situation. The truth with people in developing countries is that we are trained to act in a certain way. How many have been programmed in the following way:

Programmed to believe that we need to go to school, work hard to get good grades, then get a job and do a 9-5 job forty or so years?

Now with the emergence of technological unemployment how many will now fit into this trajectory? Luck if you get that job and doomed if not.

Now, the only solution to the problem created by technology, mass loss of jobs, is in the technology itself - internet business and online jobs.

if you find yourself in a messy resulting from technological unemployment, then think on how to change your mindset.

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