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Friday, April 1, 2022

The nature of the GATA Token

The GATA Protocol has its token, the $GATA which powers the entire ecosystem. GATA token is unique in that it drives a special project which will solve key problems  human beings face. For instance, it will be important in the healthcare sector, powering the dissemination of vital information.

As we may anticipate, a cryptocurrency which functions in such a way should be valuable and secure as well. Therefore, there is strong technical infrastructure that supports the GATA token. Now, we want to evaluate it in terms of the standards used to assess cryptocurrencies. In practical terms, a strong cryptocurrency should meet certain criteria.

Security: We agree that one of the key characteristics of a cryptocurrency is high security. First, currently GATA is on MetaMask, which is a very secure web wallet by all standards. Over the years in which we have used Metamask, we can ascertain that there have been very few security breaches, if any. Therefore, the fact that GATA is on Metamask is a sure sign of how the team values the security of the token and the protocol in general.

Like other coins, GATA has no intervention from central authorities such as the government which can manipulate its value. Thus the token is free from any forms of corruption and shod dealings.

Scalability: One of the essential attributes of a scalable network or project is the speed of its transaction. In this regard, the GATA Protocol is super fast resulting in many transactions per second. The protocol is ready to scale up the number of transactions as many people use it.

Solving problems: According to analysts, one of the greatest attributes of a token is its ability to solve human problems. And this is what exactly the GATA token stands for. It is useful in driving projects and applications developed to solve real life problems which people are facing.   For example, GATA College is there to equip people with modern day skills such as the use of the blockchain.

Usability: It is true that a good cryptocurrency should be easy to use. If it is not easy to use, only a few people will use it. Similarly, the GATA Protocol will be a user-friendly system, which the educated and the less-educated people are able to use.

Demand: We anticipate that the demand for the GATA token will influence its price in line with the behaviours of all other cryptocurrencies. Being a utility token that supports various projects, we expect that its price will increase significantly over a period.

Limited supply: Like other tokens, GATA has a limited supply of 5,000,000,000. This is different from central banks which print more money. More importantly, the GATA Protocol will burn 40% of the token over the next five years, something which will boost its value.

Stable transaction fee: Good tokens will not require users to pay higher fees in order to jump the transaction queue. In a similar manner, GATA has a stable fee despite the increase in the trading volume.


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Summing it up, the GATA token conforms to most of the best requirements of a good cryptocurrency. By nature of its existence on the Aurora blockchain, GATA has a stable and low fee as well as high throughput.  Currently, people are participating in the GATA token airdrop. To participate one has to visit the airdrop bot,




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