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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Why is the Elven coin unique?

There is no doubt that the Elven coin is unique in many respects. That is why we share this important information with others.

The truth is that the Elven coin has good fundamentals. We are talking of the factors which make its value stable with a possibility to drive its price up.

First, the Elven coin is supported by quality products and services. For instance, it has its own social media platform called Poziturbo. It also has an advertising platform known as   ElvenLand. On top of this, it has a platform where people create and sell unique content and technologies that help in content creation. This platform is called

Many people may claim that they have heard this before. Yes, you are right. The reason for repeating this here is to put the whole discussion in the right perspective.  Now, let’s go to the “meat” of the story.

Elven is supported by other cryptocurrencies

For real, the Elven coin is supported by four other cryptocurrencies. The focus of these other cryptocurrencies is to stabilize it. These cryptocurrencies are pegged against the Elven coin. For instance, Lerta is pegged at a ratio of 1 as to 5 (1:5).

Each of the supporting coins or tokens has a unique function. But in all, they are there to anchor the value of the Elven coin. Here is a summary of the cryptocurrencies.

Lerta is a token created to promote content creation. Here, we refer to the educational content for teaching people about cryptocurrencies and investments. It is used to reward content creators.

Elven10: This is a special coin which you only earn for participating in our social platform called Poziturbo. How do you do that? It’s not difficult at all. You simply create a group at, and keep it active. In the end, you earn a monthly reward in the form of the Elven10 coin.

Cryst: This is our special cryptocurrency, also called “positive crystals. People can buy them, earn them at ElvenLand and get them from our magic field. To do this, you need to take part in regular draws of chests with magic crystals on ElvenLand.

Fourth supporting coin: We are not going to reveal the real name of this coin as it is under development. However it will be used for the purpose of buying real estate only. Again, for now we shall not give much detail.

Role of the four supporting coins

The supporting coins will increase the value of the Elven coin.  Whereas some of these coins will be purchased on exchanges, some will not be bought there. They are internal tokens and only used by members.

In essence, these four coins will increase the trading volume of Elven coin, thereby increasing its value. The other coins will act in the same manner as fiscal policy, used to stabilise the main coin, the Elven.

To be frank, this is an innovation of its kind. No wonder why you should get interested in this coin, Elven.


The Elven coin, built on the Tron blockchain has unique fundamentals to stabilise and maintain an upward price momentum. Most of the said coins are built on the Tron blockchain. The hope is that as the value of TRX increases, so do that of these interrelated tokens.

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